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41 Symphony In Hue

This has got to be one of the top 10 ppatterns. I absolutely love the bright colors on the black background. Bright red, pink, bright green, purple, yellow, blue & a touch of white. Such a fun happy looking combination of colors! I Love it!

42 Blue Rhapsody

This is my new favorite pattern! I <3 it!

43 Call Me Coral
44 Night and Day

It's adorable and goes with everything! Can't go wrong with Night and Day!

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45 Viva la Vera

I love this pattern it matches most outfits!

Very cheerful pattern. My girls love it!

46 Portobello Road
47 Canterberry Cobalt

I love this pattern! Have a zip id in this pattern. Very modern yet classy!

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48 Petal Paisley

I love Rhythm and Blues! It it's really pretty!

49 Capri Melon
50 Slate Blooms
51 Buttercup

I love the huge flowers on the buttercup and the colors are awesome together

52 Poppy Fields

My favorite. Love this pattern

53 Cocoa Moss

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern!

The green, brown, and white just go together really well!

54 Lilli Bell

It is so cute I want every thing in it

Lilli Bell is my favorite!

Very cute color matches with everything!

55 Bittersweet

Love the fall colors! The houndstooth is very classy and adds to the color options

56 Jazzy Blooms

This ranking must be old. I re-sell Vera Bags and Jazzy is the most popular by far. Since it has retired, prices have doubled on ebay.

I think jazzy blooms is #1 this must not be updated

I think jazzy bloomsis number one

57 African Violet

It's perfect especially for the new school year it definitely my favorite

58 Make Me Blush
59 Doodle Daisy

I love the pattern Doodle Daisy! It is so pretty with all it's blues and greens. The flowers are so cute on it. It has of course daisy's, but t lOoks like they were doodled. Obviously! Get Doodle Daisy anything!

60 Mediterranean Blue

This pattern is supes cute!

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