Top 10 Car Body Styles

Here is a popular vote-created list of the car body styles that are the best.

The Top Ten

1 Suv

An SUV is a great all-rounder - spacious, comfortable, able to traverse moderate offroad and have some form of handling. - MrVixen

Nice and spacious just still visually appeaing

2 Minivan

In a minivan you have heaps of space and usually 3 rows of seats. The interior is comfortable. Also, handling is virtually as good as in a normal car. - MrVixen

3 Van

Has all the attributes of a pickup, but can have a passenger version and your cargo won't be stolen by any willing bystander. - MrVixen

4 Pickup

Rugged construction, large bed in the back... the only problem is the lack of cargo protection. - MrVixen

5 Wagon/Estate

All the handling of a sedan, but with much more cargo space and a rear window that lines up with the car's back end. - MrVixen

6 Sedan

More space than in a hatchback, but the car is harder to park. - MrVixen

7 Hatchback

Nearly as much space as in a sedan, but in a more nimble package. - MrVixen

8 Shooting Brake

Essentially a coupe, but with a wagon-style rear end. More spacious and better-looking, but with the same handling. - MrVixen

9 Convertible

Ah, the thrills of open-air motoring... - MrVixen

10 RV

Well, you can live in it, but not much of a daily driver. - MrVixen

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11 Coupé
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