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Vans are so amazing. They are so comfortable. I love my pair of Vans shoes. You will not regret it, if you buy a pair of vans

Absolutely fantastic brand, stylish, good quality, quite expensive but worth every penny, they like theor range of pumps.

Stylish, fairly expensive, amazing and comfortable shoes, sweatshirts, hoodies, beanies etc...

Love it, amazing clothes. Always original

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22 Air Jordans

The Air Jordan models include some of the best looking shoes ever made. Worth paying $200 every time

23 Calvin Klein

Never Disappointed with CK.

CK is good

24 Wet Seal

Wet seal is a brand with very comfortable clothes, that are very lightweight and also look great! They are great quality, ad not at all thick and bulky! You feel very comfortable, one because they do not really add much weight to your body like thick clothes do, and two because you KNOW you look great, and you can't help feeling that way! Wet Seal is AMAZING! 1

Well first off all... I think Wet seal is very expensive, or at least not very affordable. The clothes are pretty cute, but otherwise it will not be one of my top places to shop, especially on a budget.

Great sales! Awesome prices! Super duper comfy to wear! The best brand in the whole wide world! It also has a great set up in the store! And it has very very very kind sales people!

They have amazing prices. I definitely recommend it. super cute and they have plus sizes!

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25 Pink+Dolphin V 1 Comment
26 Mossimo Supply Co.
27 The North Face

I bought my north face jacket this winter and I am honestly so pleased with it. It will probably last me the rest of my life. It may be expensive but it is amazing.

It's the best jacket brand and backpack brand too!

It's the best quality for the winter. I like it.

It's a nice brand got a few tee''s from there n I am very happy

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28 JCPenny's
29 Chuck Taylor All Stars

! My kid wears converse to school everyday. They don't even come off her feet!

My favorite shoe is the low white converse Brianna

30 Superdry

Love superdry, has amazing cool clothes that are always up to date and what you would find on the high street. Also high quality, the clothes have never ripped or broken in any way. Superdry gets a thumbs up from me ;) xx

Brilliant and unique clothing! Washes really well! Amazing and wicked designs!

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31 U.S. Polo

Most fashionable & happening brand

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32 Pepe Jeans London

Sounds great just right for teens

33 Papaya

I like Papaya. It is sorted in colors. Cyan goes with other cyan clothes. It is wonderful and I love their waisted shorts. I got some for $10

34 United Colors of Benetton

Benetton quality and color matching is very good. So, I prefer this brand

Benetton is the best I love it!
It is so comfortable and have a good quality!

Not just perfect quality but also great color combinations

Benetton clothes are comfortable and so awesome

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35 Puma Puma

Soft, original, cool, good quality but not expensive! - IceCream

Amazing designs, options and quality... At an affordable price... Like the range

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36 Charlotte Russe

Woah... Why is Charlotte Russe all the way down here? It is a great shop! My friends are out and asking me where I buy my clothes! Charlotte Russe is a great shop! If you like Sale clothes or crop tops for $7 you have to go there! It's my favorite shop!

This should be way higher this is a great store. it has some items that are quite skimpy but if you ignore those items it is a good store

37 Diesel
38 Steve Madden


This is a great parfym with exellent style, I mean a bottle formed like an apple isn't so usual these days. About the scent, it is one of the best I have ever odoured. I hope this helped you on your way to find the best parfym out there, that fits your needs the best. Personally I have the DKNY be delicious wich is the one for men.


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