Top Ten Concepts Younger Siblings Need to Grasp

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Respect Your Older Sibling's Authority

His USED underwears on my bed, my cute, little baby doll gets torn up in front of my eyes (I'm still tearing up when I think about it), my diaries getting read, my head down the toilet bowl, can't even change in peace, and what do I get? "Respect your brother, he gets a lot of pressure from parents and surroundings so he sometimes act immature to relief stress. And he's older, and he has more authority. Learn respect."

Yeah, right. One more person who say that will get a punch in the face

What if they abuse their authority? My older siblings think they're better than me just because they're older, and always get better stuff because they're older. In fact, they always get the good seats in the car because they're older (Keep in mind I'm taller and heavier than both of them). - Turkeyasylum

I do, especially my oldest sister's. But its seriously abused all the time. Just because you are older and "know more" doesn't mean you get to dictate my every move with total irrationality or pick on the things you already know I'm insecure about. - keycha1n

The concept that even my brother, after fifteen years of living with me and my parents, has not yet become familiar with. So immature. - PositronWildhawk

You Don't Need All the Attention All the Time

My sister is a huge attention hog, like when my mom told me I got a nice tan after I went back inside for swimming, she sneakes up behind me all,"actually, I'm the one with the nice tan." And if people don't talk to her within 3 seconds: "AAH" - ToptenPizza

Yes. These are my regrets in my childhood... - gemcloben

I know this. Stop with the hate. - AnonymousChick

You just want attention... - mistyglow

You Need to Ask Before You Borrow Things

Yeah, don't just go into my room empty handed and come out with pounds of Jewelry and try to pretend grandma bought you it. My sister once took my favorite necklace with a blue heart and white dots surrounding it, and I had to fight her for it, she also tried to steal my other favorite necklace witch is a red heart with a sword sticking through it, with I found stuffed under the bed, at least she had the decency to wear the other necklace, who steals something to never touch it? - ToptenPizza

My younger brother one ran off will my skateboard and took off the wheels, only to play with the wheelless skateboard on the trampoline and guess who had to put the wheels back on because his brother didn't want to. ME!

Well that applies for anyone. You need to always ask before you can borrow. Even I'll have to ask my younger brother's permission if I've to borrow some of his things, - Kiteretsunu

I once lost an extremely rare copy of one of my favorite books to my little brother. You know how it came back? Torn up with the cover and about 30 pages missing. I swore NEVER AGAIN - Haumea

Pop Is Not the Good Music

Actually, it's WAY better than rap depending on who you listen to. (I listen to Taylor Swift)

Half a pound of tuppenny rice,
Half a pound of treacle.
That's the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the weasel

That's only an opinion and a belief. It's not something they should grasp. - Kiteretsunu

I'm The Youngest And Look At My Username! - BeatlesFan1964

The World Does Not Revolve Around You

Well, I'm lucky my younger brother isn't like that. He's pretty mature for his age (he's only 11). - Kiteretsunu

Something no younger sibling understands. - ToptenPizza

Tell that, again, to my sister. - AnonymousChick

That's why I try to help others, but that can get hard regarding the way some sinlings abuse their authority... - Turkeyasylum

You Need to Knock Before You Enter

My room. We aren't sharing a room, and I need privacy. Get it? - ToptenPizza

Yeah, I knock before barging into my friend's house. We share the same room. You can't kick me out. - AnonymousChick

My PARENTS need to grasp this concept...

You Aren't the Boss

My siblings will say (when the parents are gone) "your not in charge"! and we will say "yes we are". "no, you"re not"! "yes we are"! and that will go on for awhile.-Ginger22

My parents told me that. I learned well. - gemcloben

Screaming Will Get You No Where Unless You Join a Heavy Metal Band

My sister needs to shut her mouth, until she learns guitar teams up with some other people and form a band. Maybe Stab My Heart At The Stake, or my future band would be called Anarchist's Blood Bath. - ToptenPizza

It's the only way anyone has a chance of hearing, they still don't but there's a chance

Well, finally! My dream is accomplished! - AnonymousChick

Imagine being phil anselmo's parents! - gemcloben

Some Movies You Are Too Young For

This one is not a problem. - gemcloben

Learned this through the last ten years all alone you older siblings watch horrifing stuff

Meh. I watch movies rated R all of the time. - AnonymousChick

I love to watch PG13 movies on netflix my sister thinks are perfectly ok for her to intrude on. - ToptenPizza

You Can't Force Me to Like What You Like

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You Can't Make Decisions for Me
Not Everything I Do Should Get Told to Parents

Yeah, shush. Don't tell on me, I won't tell on you - ToptenPizza

Yeah, dani, (sister) I let you hit me and hurt me and I never tell. - AnonymousChick

"I'm Doing Homework" Does Not Mean "Trash the Whole Room"

Understand? Good. Now go. - ToptenPizza

Yeah. I've locked the door, too, so yeah, you see that sign? It says KEEP OUT for a reason. - Haumea

Talking About the Same Thing Gets Tedious
You Need to Grow Up

Logically, the only other option is death - gemcloben

You Should Be Doing Something Useful With Your Life Instead of Deliberately Pestering People
You Are Nothing

Okay this one's a little harsh... - Nickelstickman

oh god!

ouch - YaYeeat

You Need to Take Responsibility for Your Own Actions

My cousins do bad stuff to me and my relatives think that I’m responsible for it >:(

In the past, my little cousins would annoy me to the point that I would lose it and snap at them. They would run to our relatives while crying and tell my relatives that I did something to them when in reality I didn't even do anything. My relatives all would confront me and I would get in trouble with my mom afterwards. They really need to be aware that they are mostly responsible for this and I did nothing wrong and that if they did not annoy me in the first place, I wouldn't have gotten in trouble for nothing. They also should have apologize to me and tell my relatives that they did it and that I did nothing wrong at all.

You don’t need to tell on your older sibling just because you don’t always get your way
Older Siblings Have Feelings, Too
Bullying Your Older Sibling is Hurtful
You Must Say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me

My sister and cousins have no manners

You are Not My Parent

You are my sister, not my mom, so stop acting like her!

Swearing is Wrong
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