Top Ten Dreadful Puns About Science

This is the start of my list series of Dreadful Puns. This is one list, in which I decided to do one about my subject of interest; nine are yet to come.

The Top Ten

1 I recently thought that I'd unified quantum gravity, but I found a significant number of loops.

Great and funny list. I get every one of them... 0_o - Britgirl

2 A wire parallel to a magnetic field was pleading for an induced current. The magnet didn't care, or give any flux.

Is it bad I'm laughing at this one... - happyhappyjoyjoy

So should we remove the "l" in flux? - Kiteretsunu

3 I suddenly became very hot, and the heat from me was off the chart. I said, "where's that radiation coming from?" and my friend said "you the light" (UV Light)
4 It was impossible to grab the pivot, so I told him to hang on a moment.
5 A force walks into a bar and says "Enough Torque!"
6 The bridge I built keeps swinging from side to side. Maybe I can reason-ate with it.

Resonation is so cool! - Kiteretsunu

7 I keep wondering where my centripetal force is coming from. It gets me going round in circles.
8 One helium nucleus was in New York; its brother in California. On one family reunion, come a cold enough winter, they were in the same state!

Quantum Entanglement is so beautiful! - Kiteretsunu

9 I find that multiplying force by velocity to give power really takes the pressure off. Much easier than work over time.
10 You seen that strange sigma particle? It forms by means of one of four fundamental forces and decays by means of another. Some quirk (quark)!

The Contenders

11 We're in Chernobyl. I Becquerel going to die!
12 I was going to tell an osteology joke but it wasn't very HUMERUS

Agreed lol - BorisRule

13 I couldn't come up with a good chemistry joke, all the good ones Argon
14 Cadmium? I just met him!
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