Top 10 Funniest Homework Excuses

Just trying make you laugh that's all. I hope you enjoyed it!

The Top Ten

1 A group of tribal people stepped on it, burned it, and start shouting things to their gods
2 Miley Cyrus twerked on it

Even though she is a terrible singer, I'd become her boyfriend if she ended homework!

Laugh out loud she is fit anyway and I would kiss her even though she did that.

Shouldn't it be nicki minaj?

3 My dog ate it
4 My cat pooped on it
5 A large group of Directioners stepped on it

I hate directioners. I even hate that gay band- one direction. All they know is gay stuff. Can't even sing properly. - Robert_KIngstons123

6 The gods destroyed it

Zeus smitted it with a lightning bolt!

7 Vegeta destroyed it
8 It jumped out of the window
9 Crazy Squidward used it to kill SpongeBob


10 My dad used it as a condom

The Contenders

11 My homework teleported to the exosphere
12 We used it to test out our new shredder
13 I had a poo but ran out of toilet paper
14 It caught on fire
15 A Unicorn stole it
16 A unicorn puked rainbows on it and it died of cuteness
17 Sticks the badger sliced it with her boomerang
18 Goofy tripped on it
19 My little cousin ate it
20 My sibling thought that it was his/her homework so he/she has it
21 My sibling ran out of diapers so we had to use my homework to make a makeshift diaper
22 My toilet ate it
23 It was confiscated by another teacher
24 The garbage disposal ate it
25 My period started and we ran out of pads
26 My parents thought that it was the cable bill and accidentally mailed it to netflix
27 I wanted to watch SpongeBob episode "procrastination" to help me
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