Funniest Things to Say to Siri


The Top Ten

1 How Old Are You

This should be number 1. - LeRoiDesSapins

2 I Am Dumb
3 How Old Will I Be In the Year 100,000
4 You're a Loser Siri
5 Siri, I Need Advice On Finding Bathrooms

Hahalolz this is a funny one! - HezarioSeth

6 Can You Do My Homework
7 What is 0 Divided by 0

Try this. No questions asked, just try it. You will laugh a lot. - Martinglez

Imagine that you have zero cookies and divide them equally amongst zero friends. See, it doesn't make sense. Now the Cookie Monster is sad that he has no cookies and you are sad that you have no friends. - PianoQueen

8 Deez Nuts
9 Make Me a Sandwich
10 Where is the Nearest Cliff

The Newcomers

? Who's Your Parents?
? How are You?

The Contenders

11 Are You a Boy or a Girl? You Have Two Different Accents
12 Talk Dirty to Me
13 Remind Me to Poop 5 Times Tomorrow


14 Change My Nickname to (Insert Something Long and Random)
15 Are You a Sumo Siri
16 Tell Me a Joke.
17 What Does the Fox Say?

I tried this and she actually said "it will be an ancient mystery"! - HappyFlower

18 (During the Night) Good Morning, Siri.
19 Blah Blah Blah
20 Shut Up.
21 Will You Marry Me?
22 Meow
23 What Happened to the Siri Who Crossed the Road?
24 I'm Drunk
25 Get Me a Girlfriend.
26 Get Me a Boyfriend
27 Go to Hell
28 Siri, You Are a Retard.
29 112
30 Okay Google.
31 Hello Computer
32 What's Your Name?
33 Are You a Robot?
34 What's Your Last Name?
35 Knock-Knock
36 How Much Does a Divorce Cost?
37 Can You Make Me Breakfast?
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1. How Old Are You
2. Deez Nuts
3. How Old Will I Be In the Year 100,000
1. I Am Dumb
2. Your a Loser Siri
3. Siri I Need Advice On Finding Bathrooms
1. What is 0 Divided by 0
2. Talk Dirty to Me
3. Change My Nickname to (Insert Something Long and Random)


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