Top Ten Funniest and Unluckiest Things that Can Happen in Real Life

Write down the funniest things that happened to you or your friends in real life!

The Top Ten

1 Eating a cockroach
2 Teaching sex education to your parents
3 Pooping for 3 hours

I had this before. It's called diarrhea.

4 Going in a world where everyone loves Justin Bieber
5 Getting kicked in the groin

That happens to me a lot

6 Get humiliated in front of your crush
7 Having diabetes

Diabetes is NOT funny. You need to watch your diet really carefully, you need to take insulin, and you can get complications and even die from it.

I ALMOST got diabetes once, and I now have to eat like a diabetic for the rest of my life.

8 Saying Justin Bieber should be the new king of pop
9 Toothache
10 Hair falling out

The Contenders

11 Dropping a phone down a sewer
12 Waking up in the morning with a numb arm and accidentally punching yourself in the face when trying to scratch your forehead

This is the same girl who posted the thing about the side injury, and yes I’ve done this too.
please someone tell me that I’m not the only one who injures herself in incredibly stupid ways...
No one? Yep I thought so...

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