Top Ten Funniest Ways to Say Sorry

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1 "I know what I did was wrong but your thing was also wrong too. So if both our things are wrong let's say sorry together. SORRY!... Hey you didn't say sorry with me!?!"

I would definitely forgive that person.

That makes me think of Jake Peralta. - PositronWildhawk

2 "SORRY stands for Suck Our Rivery Rivers Yellow and therefore I'm sorry."
3 "You just wait here for my sorry, 'cause I just have to go to the Bathroom."

Haha! Just waiting for the chance to use this... - Britgirl

4 "You already know I'm feeling sorry so what's the use of telling that in words; right?"
5 "My SORRY's don't count much, so don't expect anything great from my Sorry. Sorry!"
6 "SORRY! What for?"
7 "Yrros. Just reverse the word I just spoke, okay!"
8 "If I can say "thank you" for all the stupid things you brought as gifts for my birthday, I can at least say a "sorry" to you."
9 "Here is my number. I can say as many SORRYs as you want. You just have to call here."
10 "What the SORRY!"

The Contenders

11 "I just want to say something but I shall sing you a song so be prepared *plays a chord* I'm sorry. That's all"
12 “I’m sorry to my unknown lover, sorry I could be so blind, didn’t mean to leave you and all of the things that we had behind.”
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