Top Ten Funny Signs Found in Parks

NOTICE: Please feel to laugh at this list. But just so you know, If you pee yourself in the process, I will not be held responsible.
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The Top Ten

1 You are forbidden to commit suicide in this field. Anyone found dead will be heavily fined. Thank you

Sounds like typical bureaucratic genius. How 'bout parks in high-crime areas? -- "Anyone found here after dark will probably be found here in the morning." Detroit, Chicago and Newark come to mind.

2 NOTICE: please do not throw stones at this sign. Thank you
3 WARNING: this sign has sharp edges

*Touch* I'm a savage. - Catacorn

I hate this sign,it just exists to piss people off about how this sign has sharp edges - DapperPickle

4 Please do not touch yourself in this park. Let the park attendant see to it. Thank you

Boy, howdy... She's off the chain now, kids. Pints and popcorn are available at the concession in the lobby.

I wonder how the overture to this would sound... - Britgirl

That sounds very creepy in a pervery way - HollowArrow

Haha,V, very funny! You know, if you made an account, you almost have your first list right there... - Britgirl

5 Picking flowers in this park is prohibited (that includes noses)
6 Everyone is welcome to enjoy this park (especially those with big boobs)

Does this include man boobs? - Britgirl

7 Please do not feed the pigeons. THEY DO THINGS

Yes, but I look so dapper in dingy white.

8 This bin is out of order. Leave your trash at the side. Thank you
9 No ball games in this park (that includes yours, Mister)

Ooh...ya authoritarian minx, ya!

10 Dog run. No pets in this area.

The Contenders

11 You are free to play naked but if you drop the soap we are not responsible

Yet no one knows why they haven't switched to hand soap yet. - ethanmeinster

Puhaha - who added? ^^ - Britgirl

12 Don't enter this park because this park has a lot of tigers
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