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21 Sycho Creations

She's so friendly. Her suits are great for a starter, and extreamly affordable ranging from $80-$120 starting prices!

I don't know her can someone give me a link to a commission page for her - Blaze_The_Furry_Hyena

Gimme a link to her

Commisions are closed- I can't find the prices... Please give a link. I have 200$ I'm willing to spend on one.

22 Lemonbrat

She's makes the beat,s fur suite,s

Amazing quality, could respond faster but over-all fantastic

They have everything!


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23 One Fur All Studios

Takes a really long time and unresponsive, do not recommend

One Fur All Studios makes such cute fursuits and some of the best follow me eyes.

One Fur all Studios has the best suits,Great follow me eyes,They work so hard to make your suit and plus their suits are so goood and its obvious that they worked so hard on it for you so you can wear it for a long time


Amazing suits but pretty pricey

Beautifully executed

25 Clockwork Creature

Definitely getting a suit from here they make quality suits for good prices

Best realistic fursuit maker. Definitely buy from Clockwork Creature if you like realistic suits

I was lovingly accosted at Clockwork Alchemy Con in 2015 by the Krampus Suited Character made by Clockwork Creature and loved every second. The quality and craftmanship is exquisite. I highly recommend them!

Definitely one of my favourite fursuit makers their suits pretty much made me fall in love with realistic fursuits.their suits capture every detail of the animal and all the suits are different and unique.Their site has a fursuit estimator which won't be accurate but it's something very useful and haven't seen on many other company sites. The only thing is their fursuits are very pricey but are worth it for the end product.

26 Raniewolf Fursuit

Cheaper than most makers


27 Tsebresos

No seams and beautiful communication

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28 Sunny Valley Creations

Everything SVC makes is AMAZING! From the heads to the bodysuits to the feetpaws! I will definitely be commissioning them for my suit!


Amazing quality and I love their style! I hope to get a fursuit from them when they re open for commissions! :D

29 Kaiborg Studios

They look cool but too much $$$

If you have a lot of money and your character/fursona is a cyborg or robot. This is the fursuit maker for you!

Kai The Cyborg is probably the maker's fursona

30 Ruffled Designs

I was planning on getting something from them, but I changed my mind to Autumn Fallings. If you look at the back of their heads, you can see where the fur on the neck stops. That looks kind of sloppy if you ask me. This is why I think Autumn Fallings is a much better option that Ruffled Designs. Other than that, they have Outstanding designs

The perfect quality and cutest design! Definitely getting a suit from them.

These people are AMAZING

Absolutely beautiful suits and flawless digi legs! love them so much!

31 Ya Boy Luke Suits

They make amazing suits! They nailed the hard concept of angel dragons! They are a Canadian fursuit company! CHEAP PRICES! Great quality! They don't make full digitigrade suits on commission yet... But they have parts, partial suit, plantigrade full suits, and heads!

I wouldn't agree about the D.AD.s though. Good though. snout too small but," Hey, it still looks cool! "

32 Made by Muttmix

I think that they are super cute and at pretty good prices. Most of the characters look like they have big chubby cheeks.

Great quality in her suits! I had bought a pair of handpaws from them I just love them they are amazing!

33 StormFire Studios

StormFire can make some pretty cartoony to very sexy, and has a very nice style.

Awesome work. Very high quality.

Their suits are awesome

34 That's Furred Up!
35 Made by Mercury

Amazing and well crafted suits ( based in the UK! ) They should be noticed more!

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36 CFF Costumes

Prices are really good and they are amazing suits!

AMAZING WORK! And super low prices!

37 Sharpe

Tried buying a product from them and was very disappointed. Was told multiple times it was either sent or on it's way. I ordered it a couple months before an event and let them know about it. They said they would accommodate as the item was ready to be shipped at the time I bought it. I asked multiple times if it had been sent, up until two days before the event. It had not left her house. I will say she was very professional and prompt with the refund, though.

Absolutely amazing suits. They come with so many different options and for not much money. Worth every penny!

Her suits are the best! I've seen her do amazing realistic suits and adorable cartoonish suits as well! She can easily be found on FA (

38 The Critter Factory

Slightly less known but superior quality suits! Recently reopened with new staff and faster turn-around times.

If you want a amazing fursuit, at a good price check Critter Factory out, definitely going to buy one from here

39 Northshore Mascots

They have many positive reviews, have a fair price, and have a clean style. Please commission her!

40 Fur It Up

Awesome toony and realistic styles, many positive reviews, I would gladly throw money their way for one of these suits!

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