Top Ten Moments That Could Change Your Life As You Go to Work

The Top Ten Moments That Could Change Your Life As You Go to Work

1 You work for the climate change authority. A herd of polar bears starts stampeding the city, as they are lost, because all the ice melted. You can now say 'I told you so,'

I told you so. WHERE IS MY RAISE? - KingSlayer93316

I told you so. - Rocko

An absolute proof of global warming, if that happens. - Kiteretsunu

Now for my smug face! 8}) - PositronWildhawk

2 You see a baboon that has escaped from the zoo. As your eyes meet, you realize you are destined to be together. Then it rips your face off.

A man... A baboon... A seriously damaged face... Baboon the ripper. Coming to your local cinema, see press for details. - DapperPickle

3 Your boss is waiting at the bus stop you get off at. He is there to yell at you, and fine you $1000 for not picking up a tissue that fell out of your sleeve.

SPOILER: He framed you - Rocko

4 As you walk to work, you realize that one day, you will inevitably die, but only a tiny percentage of the world will even know about it, and when you compare that to the rest of the universe... Scream #YOLO and take the year off work. Who needs money anyw
5 Your suit is actually made of bread, and all the pigeons peck it off, and some kid films it, and it goes viral on YouTube.

I would want to die - KingSlayer93316

6 You forgot your lunch


7 You decide to make the biggest career move in your life... You are going to ask your boss to pay you IN MONEY. Sadly, he disagrees, and tells you to accept your lowered wage of 3 bananas, or get out.
8 You realize that you are taking forever in typing up a TheTopTens list, and you missed your train stop. You are no longer in New York. You are in South Africa, and you have no clue how you got there.

Falling asleep on the tube and you end up in Peckham...
"What kind of twisted place is this?! " - Rocko

9 The train you got on isn't really a train, it's a wormhole that leads you to a different dimension where trees give off WiFi signals instead of oxygen, and there were trees everywhere. Sadly, everyone was running out of oxygen because of the lack of route

Kennington loop conspiracy theorists unite. - Rocko


That last word was meant to be 'router'
Don't eat sugar while you make lists, kids! - Flamesofsilver

10 You wake up and get ready to go to work/school and realize your sentences are cut of in your lists because you were rambling.
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