Top Ten Really Worst Things to Say to a Little Kid On His First Day at School

You're a teacher of that school.
And yeah this is probably my darkest humor list.

The Top Ten

1 Your parents have left you here for good

Oh, to see their bottom lip tremble and their eyes water. Mean - and yet kind of funny... - Britgirl

2 They will give you a medical injection here, every hour

When I was a kid, I was terrified of needles of any kind. If they said this to any kid, I'm, sure it would scare them half to death. - NerdyPweeps

Oh, joy of joys. So I won't catch any diseases from the other kids. - PositronWildhawk

I still am terrified of medical injections and needles. And I have to be traumatised with a blood test soon! :( - Wolftail

I'm not very fond of needles. They look very sharp! Ironically though I can handle them pretty well. - MusicalPony

3 Haha, now you're trapped here! Mommy, won't ever come here looking for you!

This list is the closest thing to making me want to be in elementary school again. LOL! - 3DG20

4 During recess, we free our rabid dogs and let them loose upon the kids

Yes, we are that evil.

5 They torture you here
6 Better you leave this place. No one knows what horrible things happen here

Well my school once had a shooting. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

7 There is a monster in one of the rooms of our school. I won't tell which room it is, haha!

When I first went to school, I was told by a senior student that I would be sucked into the toilets by a monster if I didn't flush. My response was something like "I would have flushed anyway." - PositronWildhawk

8 Once you go in, you don't come out
9 They will capture you here and then the lions would be called upon
10 Do 100 push ups right now or..*give a really serious look* face the consequences.

What If the kid is like me and doesn't have any muscle? - AnonymousChick

The Contenders

11 Watch out for the kids who shove people in their lockers
12 Justin Bieber Goes to This School

Stop it with the Bieber jokes - JaysTop10List

I would be scared to death

Because he's just that bad.

I would beg to go home.

13 A kid vomited yesterday due to some reason, and then.... may god give him peace
14 There is no guarantee you'll come out in good health after completing the first day of our school
15 Don't pee yourself when the big kids shove you in a locker for 7 hours
16 Let me take a picture in case you go missing.

And Slender Man appears in the picture. - ethanmeinster

17 Swirly Time!
18 You're never leaving this place! You're staying here for one eternity because your parents left you here for no reason
19 Go away because your freaking expelled forever (gives mean look)
20 You look delicious. I think we'll serve you at lunch tomorrow.
21 Don't let the big kids eat you
22 Nicki Minaj Goes to This School

WORSE than Justin Bieber visiting the school!

23 Good luck, you will need it
24 May the odds be ever in your favor.

Yup, school is basically the Hunger Games. - ethanmeinster

25 The Gods know what you've done
26 The bullies will kill you
27 Don't let kids make fun of her
28 You're gonna have to do this for 12 years
29 You're gonna hate this
30 You're going to get bullied by everyone
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