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21 Baby you're so hot you take the place of the sun.

Guys, really. I grew up in a house of girls. I know what is good to say and not so good things. Trust me, girls hate the words hot and sexy. And I agree with them those two words are probably the stupid things to call someone. Stick with beautiful.

My girlfriend loves being called sexy and hot. Why wouldn't a girl like it?

They love being called beautiful

I shared it and she likes it but I didn't say hot I said beautiful

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22 You always ask why I stare at you, it's because you're so beautiful.

In my opinion respect is the best thing a man can give to a women rather than telling her how much beautiful is she...

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23 I'm in love with yo_, all I need is "u"

I did this and it worked really good

That is my style right there

My girlfriend loved this

Its good

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24 You have my heart, please keep it safe.

That's cute plus if you see those eyes you would start kissing no joke and a relationship isn't about being sexual its about LOVE, love ever heard of it oh you know what sexual is I know.

I sent this to my girlfriend the first thing she did when she saw me was gave me a long kiss and asked me to never let go

What safe then because they wont be with you that long only if they love you, if they know what love is.

This. This is special

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25 To the world, you are but one person. To this one person, you are the world.

Holy crap this is clever...

The girl I said this too said "when did you get all hallmark on me? " Then said " that's so cute" I added by saying, and I'll wait for you until you feel the same and she loved it

That's cute. Really cute. I could love for someone to say this to me! Boys, defiantly say this to your girlfriend!


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26 Your name is written all over my heart. There's no space for any other person.

It's a great thing to say to your love

This is the best thing I have ever said to my girlfriend and she was in tears it was that cute

This is the sweetest thing to comfort the doubt of your loyalty to your girlfriend

Good one to be honest, it made my girlfriend happy

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27 They say people only fall in love once but I fall in love every time I look into your eyes

Damnn that's smart my girlfriend loved it and to be honest I loved it to just by reading it

28 Baby your smile lights up my day but you just light up my world
29 There's this girl I like. She's got the prettiest face, the smartest brain, and I just love her so much. Her name is [insert girlfriend's name here]. Have you seen her around?

Hell yeah that was awesome


30 I would like to tell you that there are not enough words to tell you how much I love you.

I said this to a girl I have been crushing on for a long time I knocked on her doorstep and said it she didn't say anything but started crying and hugged me and said I love you more than anything too. We have been together for a three months now. Thanks to this sight

It's a true statement for me

Just really ice to say this to an girl that you love

My girlfriend ran over to me and hugged me :D

31 I want to make you smile until your cheeks can't take any more.

I laphed so hard reading this but it works

This is beautiful

32 They say pictures say a 1000 words but when I see yours all I see 3: "you're very beautiful"

You can also say instead of 3 you can say 1 and say something like "amazing" or "beautiful" something along those lines. Just not hot or sexy. Those words just ruin it.

Actually, it is 4, but 2 are abbreviated. - gemcloben

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33 I could say all these cute sayings I find on the internet but none would be as cute as you.

It's funny because that's what I'm doing

Haha I am doing it also

Wow. I thought I'm the only one who does this. I'm gonna use some of these.

Never thought of that. Cool.

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34 Baby you're so fine I wanna make you mine.

I'm doing it also

This is from a song I've heard.

35 I went to the doctor. He asked me why I didn't have a heart, I told him how you stole it, and that you're keeping it safe.

Said this to me girlfriend, she though it was sweet aND heloped me get out of an argument laugh out loud!

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36 My day doesn't start until I see you.


37 Well well finally God answered my prayer.

I think this is really sweet

This is a good thing to say might use this one x

38 You are yummy.

I don't understand this is just going too far

I think this goes a little far

Sorry not trying to be mean but just stating truth sorry I won't do again

My women is very hot blooded & she says this to me it so hot!

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39 I'm a lucky man, to have such a beautiful and intelligent girl like you. V 3 Comments
40 Saying "I love you" falls short on how I really feel, but just in case, I love you.

I feel this when I say I love you 2 my love


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1. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to say I love you
2. Every time I see you, my heart stops; and every time I kiss you, I come back to life.
3. Everyone says no one is perfect, but you're perfect in my eyes..
1. Good morning, beautiful.
2. I love you.
3. Life is beautiful because of you.
1. When you ignore me, don't reply back to my calls or messages, I just keep on wondering what wrong I did today. Leaves me upset and heartbroken and then somehow I make myself calm by saying it to my heart that I wouldn't have done this to you.
2. You are the most perfectly amazing person I have ever met and nobody will ever be better than you. Your smile is the greatest thing God made. He made you and said I made perfection and I believe nobody will ever be as beautiful as you.
3. Don't be in my head for 24x7 or else i will end up kidnapping you and keep you with me for eternity.

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