Top Ten Situations That Are Hard to Be In Without Laughing

We laugh every single day, even if it's only a tiny giggle or a full-on belly laugh. Imagine what it would be like to be told not to laugh at or during anything on this list...

The Top Ten Situations That Are Hard to Be In Without Laughing

1 Being Tickled

Haha I was beaten to the punch! If this wasn't an option I was gone add it but I'm quite Tickled that Being tickled was in the original 10!

i've never really experienced this but from all the videos and stores and pictures I look at typically if you being tickled you will be giving out some laughs! - Curti2594

Waaay to difficult for me. I couldn't NOT laugh, even if my life depended on it. - Britgirl

Imposible, I just can't

2 Being Told Not to Laugh

Why I it that we seem to laugh more when someone says "Stop laughing! "? - Britgirl

It only makes it even harder to not laugh. - Pegasister12

3 During a Stare-Off
4 During a Minutes' Silence
5 When You Hear Funny Laughter from Someone Else

This is definitely true. You would think that laughter isn't really that contagious, and yet it spreads like wildfire. - Gg2000

You might like to hear my cousin's laugh...Hyenas on crack springs to mind - and hers is louder! It has to be heard to be believed. Shocking (but very infectious. Ha! ) - Britgirl

I'm usually fine until someone else starts laughing.
Then I'm in trouble. - Rocko

I have been told that it's very easy to make me laugh, and if I think about it, it is true. But the thing that makes me laugh the most is when I hear someone else's hilarious, yet, contagious laughter nearby. I just can't stop myself, and I laugh so hard that I feel a six pack coming on. - Supernatural

I always start laughing when I hear Mary Murphy's laughter (she is a judge on the American dance competition So You Think You Can Dance). - Metal_Treasure

6 Watching Your Favourite Comedy or Stand-Up Comedian
7 When Someone Says "It's Not Funny!"

It IS funny and makes me laugh even harder. - Britgirl

8 Keeping a Straight Face During a Prank
9 Seeing Someone Trip Up

It's never not funny to see a fat guy fall. - ThatOneRacer

Some guy: *trips and falls*
Me: *points* Haha! Watch where you're going!
Me: *also trips and falls* Ow! Aww, it's not funny anymore! - Pegasister12

10 When You Hear a Particularly Funny Word

I'm not going to give an example of mine. I'm sure you all know what particular word starts me off... - Britgirl

I don't know why, but the word 'moist' gets me laughing every time. - Pegasister12

The Contenders

11 When Watching Bad Auditions On TV

Like those videos about mean and bad contestants on The X Factor!

These are quite laughable - Curti2594

12 When Reading This List
13 When Prank Calling
14 When Someone Gets a Hit in the Crotch
15 When Someone Gets Hurt in a Stupid Way

That’s me every day of my life 😂

16 When Someone Plays Recorder Terribly
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