Top Ten Stupidest Warning Messages

These are on some of the products people buy. They are all stupid and shouldn't exist.
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1 Warning: Remove child before folding (Pushchairs)

I'm glad I'm not the daughter of any mindless mother who would fold the chair while I'm in it...

Failure to do so counts as child abuse... Is anyone really this stupid?

Yeah, that would be a good idea.

I already squashed a kid.

2 Warning: Contains peanuts (Packet of peanuts)

Really? Thanks dude! I thought it had Banana Cream Soda Pop Chocolate Brownie Potato in it!

Then how come I found gunpowder and nuclear waste in mine?

NO, really? I thought toys would be in a packet of peanuts!

I thought it was Charlie Brown and Snoopy (get it? )

3 Warning: Pepper spray causes eye irritation (Pepper spray)

No, there are some ignorant fellows who would try to experiment with pepper sprays and hence the warning message. Pepper when used for fum can be really dangerous. Warning message is justifiable.

Dude someone at my friends school pepper sprayed the whole damn tuckshop!

Well, that's what it's used for...

4 Warning: This costume does not enable flight (Superman costume)

Reality sucks doesn't it? Especially when you've already jumped off a building without reading this first.
If you think a cheap Superman costume will give you the ability to fly you deserve to die. No offence.

There are some rabid comic fans who would try out using the costume for umm.. practical purposes. Cases of death from falling have been registered which includes kids trying to fly like their superhero counterparts. The company can't take any risks you know.

One out of a hundred kids actually need this warning.

Only a geek would get on a roof and jump off

5 Warning: This product moves when used (Scooter)

Everybody, we must glue our selves and animals to the ground, after burning everything else that provides transportation! It's dangerous to move!

Well, so do cars and buses! The whole concept of transport is dangerous!

Oh really? That's an odd thing for a scooter to do!

I think I would buy one that doesn't move.

6 Warning: May cause drowsiness (Sleeping pills)

Yes, that's why I took it. So I could become sleepy and fall asleep.

I would like to return this because it makes me drowsy

Really? I never knew... (please note the sarcasm)

I've about gave in with this right zzz...

7 Warning: Avoid Death (Power tools)

It is in the nature of life to avoid death. Apparently it isn't the nature of life to put meaningful warnings on things.

I kind of want to commit suicide now after reading this. Thanks!

I almost failed this when I saw this warning message...

Yeah, not a good thing if you die!

8 Warning: Do not eat (iPod Shuffle)

Ok Apple we get it, just because you're named after a popular fruit doesn't mean that people will eat you unless they have a serious problem... And no, we won't order a big mac either.

I once ate an iPhone and it tasted like an apple. I prefer my computers to be pc flavored. That is peppered chicken flavor. That was a joke.

Sure, cause we buy a $300 dollar device so we can eat it.

Ahh! Come on! I wanted to eat that for my breakfast!

9 Warning: Do Not Swallow (Mattress)

Yes, well (clears throat)... :). Once bought a bathtub mat upon which, on the bottom side with the suckers, was embossed, TWICE, in LARGE letters : THIS SIDE DOWN. Knew right then that hope for the species was rapidly fading.

You think with something that size in your mouth it would be easy to swallow...?!

Is it bad read this and thought of something else...

Haha and so beganth the age of suckers (re. bathmats) but not swallowers :).

10 Warning: Always use this product with adult supervision. (Cereal bowl)

Because my grandma drowned in milk and my brother touched it and the fruit loops came out and attacked him.

Who knows, it may actually be a hand grenade or something in disguise

Because my brother thought it was a hat and drowned in cereal.

Warning: a child can drwn if put in a cereal bowl (milk carton)

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11 Warning: Do not use it on yourself (Blowtorch)

I can think of a few people who would do this, and its hard to believe that its possible to be dumb enough to do that!

I can still use it on other people though, right?

If you’re stupid enough to try this, then please do. (Jk)

12 Warning: Do not microwave (Flatscreen TV)

I think you'd need a pretty big microwave in order for someone to even think about that.

I want to know where it would be possible to find a microwave that big?

If you try you'll need a big microwave.

Now, how and why would anyone do that?

13 Warning: Do Not Point at Eyes Nor Face (Camera)

What if you want to take a selfie?

14 Warning: Do not eat as it contains lead (4 inch long fishing tackle)

Why is fishing tackle only 4 inches?

15 Warning: Never iron clothes while they are being worn (Iron)

Who would do this? If you do, please leave this planet, I don't want to live on the same planet as you.

You only make that mistake once... Or two times... Or several...

I'm pretty sure no idiot would think to do this.

Ready salted flavor, salt and vinigar flavor, dumb idiot flavor!

16 1 Inch Deep No Diving (Beginning of Park Pool)

Why is a pool 1 inch deep? That is just a waste of water!

That is impossile to do anyway!

17 Warning: Do Not Eat (Gasoline Tank)
18 Warning: This object may have sharp edges (Knife)

Oh I already threw at my maths textbook for target practise and there were no cuts.

I like how they say "may". The whole purpose of a knife is to cut, hence sharp edges!

This object is sharp but, what the heck, let's live a little.

Oh, god, I thought it had peanuts,

19 Warning: Do Not Throw at People (CD)

But that was what I was gonna do...

Too bad.

20 Warning: May cause uncontrollable laughter (TMX Elmo)

As what the box said. Some kids are scared of TMX Elmo.

21 Warning: Do not let anyone punch this (Pant Zipper)

Imagine this message written in a huge font size visible to everyone on the zipper! LOL!

Ow, ow, somebody kicked me in the balls and it hurt!

I punched it about 3848 times already so it's too late.

Tell them they have to kick it instead.

22 Warning: This is not a child's toy (Small Foam Basketball)

Is it an elderly toy then?

23 Warning: Do not use in water (Toaster)

I wanted to make toast for the dolphins...

But how else can I have toast?

Go commit toaster bath

24 Warning: Do not turn upside down (On the upside down side of the box)

Too late, already have! that's like saying, oh that knifes sharp to somebody who has just chopped their fingers off!

You're gonna read the warning after turning it upside down!

Well, I guess they misplaced the warning then.

25 Warning: Do Not Eat This (Cello Fruit Eraser)

Cellos are fruits? Lol.


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