Top Ten Ways for the English to Annoy the Irish

How would a fellow Englishman take the piss from a proud resident of the Emerald Isle? See this list.

The Top Ten

1 Run away from them screaming "The Giant Leprechauns Are Fighting Back!"

Laugh out loud, laugh out loud, laugh out loud. laugh out loud! SO funny! - funnyuser

Or in your case, the "Lardy leprechauns"
Great list! Difficult to vote! Haha! - Britgirl

We'llblind ye with our potato mash! - Puga

2 Greet them by saying "Eh, t'p o' t' mornin' t'yeh!"
3 Refer to any old man as Father Jack.
4 Ask if they were breastfed with whiskey.

If you plan to go to Ireland and ask this, I'd say it was nice knowing you. - PositronWildhawk

Yes I was Pos. Werent you breasted with tea? - Puga

5 Carry a breathalyser kit everywhere with you and offer to use it if someone does not understand something another person is saying.
6 Serve random people alcoholic drinks in hollowed out potatoes.
7 Go into an AA Meeting and claim that everyone there is relatively sober.
8 Mispronounce every swear word you say.
9 Kick things over while randomly doing an Irish jig.

Laugh out loud! This Is funny! They would be really annoyed. - funnyuser

10 Ask for any food with extra potato.

The Contenders

11 Constantly scream "Bejasus!"
12 Ask whether the pot of gold or shamrock will grant you luck
13 Refer to fat men as Lardy Leprechauns
14 Serve them Lucky Charms for breakfast
15 Call them Scottish
16 Mock the Irish jig like a seizure
17 Ask them were the pot of gold is
18 Say that Gaelic is gay
19 Call the Irish Republican army "terrorists"
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