Worst Fox News Geography Fails

They've made at least ten I know of. People will believe anything that Faux News spoon feeds to them...
If you want to find them just search them in Google.

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1 Iraq is now Egypt

On a map of the Middle East Fox mislabeled Iraq as Egypt. Yeah. I'm not lying. Just search "Fox News Egypt fail" in Google and laugh yourself silly. - Cazaam

Really interesting list, Cazaam. Fox foxed itself by making such blunders - Kiteretsunu

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2 Fox News UK geography
3 Sydney is in the north of Australia

No it isn't. I'm not even Australian but I know that Sydney is in the South East area of Australia, New South Wales I think? - Cazaam

4 Shibuya eggman nuclear power plant - Japan

An excuse to put the name of a nightclub on a map of Japanese nuclear power plants. Really, FOX? - Cazaam

5 Bulgaria is Yugoslavia

Don't FOX forget that Yugoslavia dissolved back in 1991? - Cazaam

6 Utah is now named Nevada

They don't even know their own country -_- - Cazaam

7 Oslo, Germany

Oslo is in Norway. FOX are so stupid. - Cazaam

8 Vermont is now named New Hampshire
9 Alabama and Mississippi mixed up

They messed up the core area of their viewing base. - SteelCity99

10 Obama says there are 57 US states.

I think that was a speech error. He was concentrating on the second number more and didn't know he said 57 instead of 47. I think that's what happened. - Cazaam

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11 Arkansas becomes Missouri
12 Obama says that Hawaii is now part of Asia

Considering he grew up in Hawaii, you'd think he would at least know that one!

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13 Obama says South Carolina and Georgia are now on Gulf of Mexico

In a 2013 speech about needed port improvements, named Charleston, S.C. and Savannah, GA as examples of ports on the Gulf of Mexico.

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1. Iraq is now Egypt
2. Fox News UK geography
3. Sydney is in the north of Australia



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