Worst Times and Places To Make Certain Offensive Jokes

Alright, these are jokes that are taboo and you would generally not tell, but let’s say you want to be a very insensitive jerk and make people even more offended. Well, then tell these jokes at these places. Items on this list can be either general or specific.

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9/11 Jokes - The 9/11 Memorial

Wow. I cannot believe people would do that. - Bammer73

Just plane wrong. - DarkBoi-X

Cancer Jokes - A Hospital Room Where A Kid With Cancer Is At

Cancer jokes are just abusing the word cancer in the wrong ways. - Bammer73

That’s horrible.

Suicide Jokes - A Funeral For A Person Who Committed Suicide
9/11 Jokes - On September 11th
Death Jokes - A Funeral

See my comment for number 2. - Bammer73

School Shooting Jokes - A School That Has Been The Site Of A School Shooting

When the quiet yet edgy kid in class is getting roasted and he reaches for his backpack. - DarkBoi-X

Ebola Jokes - Ebola-Affected Areas

This list should be called "Best Times And Places To Make Certain Offensive Jokes" - DenyYourMaker

Holocaust Jokes - A Holocaust Museum

Look! Adolfin
Well.. What did Jew expect?
Aren't these jokes hitlarious! - BananaBrain

Autism Jokes - A Special Needs Classroom

I have autism and this just depresses me to hear this excuses of jokes. - Bammer73

Racist Jokes - Ethnic Neighborhoods

Hi n*****. How are you today? - BananaBrain

The Contenders

Blonde Jokes - Next to a Blonde

Are these jokes a thing? - Bammer73

Most blondes aren't dumb though - ElSherlock

Coronavirus jokes - Chinatown
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