Top Ten Best Axe Sprays


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I haven't tried many, but this is the greatest. Of course the music is good too. All the others smell similar, but music doesn't. But Essence is my favorite, and everyone elses so.
Haven't tried it yet but can't wait to see if this works
Essence is good but like cholcolate also, the ladies do like chocolate can tell you that

It's super sexy and it will attract all the fatties who like chocolate. But don;t worry they won't try to bite your ass.
superb smell
girls fled on me
It wins.

Girls keep bumping into me "by accident".


Phoenix is my favorite. Try it! It's my girlfriends favorite and she is all over me. Great the bottle is blue and black. Hope you try it.
Phoenix is amazing! I've used a few of them, but Phoenix is my absolute favourite!
Been using it for over 15 years
Never has so many people say that smells good, you smeel good etc. It's a keeper.

4Hot Fever

woah is this real nvr heard of it? def trying to get this now!


I like the vanilla after-smell.

This is the best axe scent because it has a very strong and classy smell. It would be the closest thing to expensive cologne.
It smells so good I have a girl friend and she loves it
Doesn't have that "axe" smell. It's amazing!

Smells superb after 5 minutes of putting it on besides girls like the "fresh" scent.

Vice is the best



The Contenders

Me too love the smell so does my girlfriend I highly recommend it to guys every if your looking to attract girls
This smells amazing! I have the whole line!
Such a great smell! Use it everyday

This the number 1 axe scent any girls like me now with just a axe apollo body spray their, head they put in my shoulder
I love it have been attracting many girls
It's so Fresh smelling trust me you need this one For sure!

13Music Star
the latest & the best of them all...


The best one of all axe sprays
Awesome. It smells great.

The best lynx out there. Axe marine all the way!

Discover the Power of Subtlety.

17Axe 2012
Awesome smell, newest and the last axe spray there will ever be.

I have it I don't no why no wone likes the smell


20Cool Metal
Never fails smells perfect

21Gold Temptation




This the ultimate axe hybrid formulate.

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