Best Yo Mamma So Fat Jokes

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101Yo mamma so fat she could not fit in any time line
That's really funny I couldn't stop laghting for an hour
Yo mama so stupid she stole a free lof of bread

102Yo mama is so fat Twinkies are going out of business.
Yo mom is so fat twinkies are going out of

103Yo mama so fat she fell off all four sides of the bed
This was so stupid isn't that the point what the hell laugh out loud
It was a funny one now I just choose it some may think it's not all that funny but I definitely. Vote for this one

104Yo momma so fat people keep pushing her in the water at the beach so she won't die

105Yo mama is so fat she can be my bear
I don't get it... Sorry
Really really dumb don't get it
That's the best momma joke I ever heirs
[Newest]That sucks. Get a life.

106Yo mama is so fat the only thing stopping her from Jenny Craig is the door
Laugh out loud just heard this one but its pretty funny


Laugh out loud That is bloody awesome!

107Yo mama is so fat she fell of the side of the world and blocked the black hole
that was crackm up far out man where did you get that joke frm
Fun, if you know stuff about space
Awesome! I love this joke

108Yo mama so fat she occupies Wall Street by herself

109Yo mama so fat she gives a whole new meaning to infinity and beyond
Ok this is a great joke haha I think this is one of my favorites who ever likes this one has great taste in these jokes laugh out loud just so dang wonderful
Love this joke
So funny really. Lever thought up I'm going to use this on my friends
Oh my god this is the greatest Yo mama joke I have ever heard. This made my day I will never find another one like this this is amazing truly amazing. I loved it.
[Newest]Buzz light year:not even I can infinity and beyond that woman

110Yo mamma is so fat she irons her pants on the street
Laugh out loud so funny I told all my class mates and they laughed No offense put this so be top 25
Really funny let me tell you one yo mamma is so fat at the movies she sits
On everyone.
Laugh out loud I like this
[Newest]I love this one

111Yo mammas so fat, there's a reason why it's called 'HEAVE'n

112Your mama is so fat that when she went to McDonald's she won the Xbox One right away

113Yo mamma is so fat yo daddy don't fit in the bed

114Yo' mommas so fat that when she walked by the TV set I missed 3 seasons of Laguna Beach
Ha! I love this one. It is my favorite.


That is the the most funniest thing ever!
Best joke ever! Should be in top 10
[Newest]Best yo mama joke ever

115Yo momma is so fat that on Halloween she says trick or Twinkie.

116Your Mums So Fat She Had to Get Baptised at Sea World
Already heard it from this website

117Yo mama is so fat she had to get baptised at sea world
The 4th time this was mentioned

118London Bridge was falling down because yo fat mama walked on it.
Hilarious! This is a good yo mama joke! Me and my sister were laughing at this cause it was so funny! Whoever came up with this is funny!

This one left me laughing for five whole minutes! This should be number one
This is the only one that didn't start with yo mama but this is one of the one that actually made me cry. This one needs to be the top 10!
[Newest]I hate it because we all know yo mama fat

119Yo mummas so fat that when she went to Japan in a green bikini they all started yelling Godzilla Godzilla.
I think the jokes are awesome and funny especially the one that says yo momma so fat she ate jenny and craig
Oh my god so funny damn can't stop laughing wow
I LOVE it x 1,000,000,000

120Yo momma so fat when she farted she blew up the everything but her

121Yo mamma is so fat, when she walked in front of the television, I missed a whole football season.
This is really true so thumbs up
This joke is cool

122Yo mama is so fat I already got a nightmare
This is the worst joke eve!
No no, its yo mama is so fat she gave Freddy Kruger nightmare s
What the heck is this my god godzzia is fart this joke up my god

123Ya mum so fat she ate Jenny and Craig.
I love those yo mama jokes made me crack up they were awesome
This not so funny for me (^_^)
Still laughing at this one, should definitely be in the top 10, so funny.

124Yo momma is so fat when she took a shower her feet didn't get wet
How could take a shower anyway if shes that fat.
I made it up
Opinions are stupid I wont write one

125Yo mamma is so fat the back of her neck looks like a packet of hotdogs
What up dow! This joke is about my mommy.
Well it is not funny because when everybody looks up it does the same thing

126Yo momma so fat she tried to be on E.T. but when she went over the moon she caused an eclipse
Its so funny if your wondering I'm the same guy who said that on number 27 now hopefully it will be accepted as a joke on this website you guys are awesome and go to this website always dudes!
This is amazing it made me laugh my head off
Laugh out loud this is hilarious I just died

127Yo mama so fat that when I threw an apple at her it floated around her because she has her own gravitational pull
Hilarious! Couldn't stop laughing!
Aced that... laughing out loud
I need some yo mamma so dirty jokes dah estupido

128Yo mamma is so fat when she stood up NASA thought it was an eclipse
It is so funny because it's bigger than the moon

129Yo mama so fat she has to put her belt on with a boomerang
Yo mama so fat when she sat on top of wlamart they had to lower the prizes

130Yo mama so fat when she got hit by a bus she said "who threw a Twinkie at me?!"
Heard something like this

131Yo moma is so fat, she needs to buy 3 tickets before she can go on an airplane

132Yo mama is so fat even Kirby can't suck her
I saw this one on your mama jokes toutube

133Your mama is so fat she makes more milk per day then a cow

134Your mama so fat when she fell off her bed she made the earthquake
That is funny
I laughed so much

135Yo mama is so fat she fell in love then broke it
Oh my god that is crazy laugh out loud

136Yo mama's so fat they filmed her in the shower and called it Gorrilas in the Mist
That was one of my favorite jokes
This kept me laughin for life. I gonna use that joke

137Yo mamma is so fat, she fell off the Grand Canyon and got stuck
Hell yeah dog! Laughed my ass off

138Yo mama so fat that she ran over 4 quarters and turned it in to a dollar
Laugh out loud you should win

139Yo mama so fat that if people tried to run around her, they'd get lost

140Yo mama so fat when she fell down they had to get a helicopter to swing one of its ladder escapes down so she could get up
"Yo mamma kinda is getting a bit old laugh out loud "

141Yo momma so fat her pinky toe is the size of Africa.
Wow these joke are terrific
The funniest Joke ever
That's a big ass toe
[Newest]Africa that's from where EBOLA comes

142Yo mama's so fat, I used the elastic from her underwear for bungie jumping
That's the funniest one I have ever heard of

143Your mama so fat her mom's still in therapy from after birth.
ohhhh nasty but true lol thats so funnay


Your moms so fat that she turned obama

144Yo mamma so fat she thought the Earth was a gum ball

145Yo momma so fat when they ran out of mayonnaise they killed her and had a lifetime supply.

146Yo Mama So Fat the only letters of the alphabet she knows is KFC
That is so stupid

147Yo momma so fat they install speed bumps at all you can eat buffets
Funny I just got that one! Sad laugh out loud to the extreme. She needs speedbumps because she is so fast getting her food
Yo mama so fat when a vampire bit her the vampire go diabetes.

148Yo mama so fat the only thing stopping her from taking a holiday is the front door
Hell funny man this is so good man this awesome man yeah man dude man the holiday part is fun
That makes no sense?
Messed up she must be fat

149Yo mama so fat she play slip and slide with the free way
That is man funny I told my friends and they started cracking up haha!

150Yo mama so fat that when she burped, a black hole formed. Fortunatly, she was there to clog it up.
You did it again that was amazing. Funniest Joke ever. My best joke in the world

Funny as heck. I can't stop laughing as my friends would say its beast mode.
that was so funny lol nice one lol I can't stop laughing

151Yo mama is so fat every time she tries to sing she sings like this, blah hamburger blah
I sorry, but it should be number 88 where it is
I seen your mom at the et store but she still didn't get adopted

152Your mama is so fat people think she causes earthquakes

153Yo mama is so pale every time she goes to a aboriginal centre the aboriginals thought she was a spirit

154Yo mama so fat when she opens the fridge it says I give up
That's funny and when your mom reads this she'll say "that's what happen to me
Laugh out loud laugh out loud that was a good one NICE!
I almost peed my pants

155Yo mamma so fat that the help is not possible

156Yo momma so fat not even a Twinkie would get her of the couch while a crane tries to support her
This one is not even funny. Who ever thought this one up should stop trying.
That's just plain stupid
I really don't get it man. :/
[Newest]Sorry.. That was LAME.

157Yo mama so fat, when she coughs, her neck skin flaps up and hits her in the ear.
HAHAHA I almost died! Waww! Best joke ever! Nice one!

158Yo momma so fat when I said I want pigs in a blanket she got back in bed.
That is very true I've seen it happen


So funny I was laughing too much to tell my friend the joke

159Yo mamma is so fat the house lives in her
Dude that's beast! I have never seen something that hilarious in my life keep it up

160Yo mama so fat when she turns around people give her a welcome back party
Yo man that joke was wack dog
That's nice when I red that I laughed that's so funny
HAhaha laugh out loud

161Your mama's so fat I had to slap myself to make sure I wasn't seeing double.
Yeah you were seeing double.. A DOUBLE CHIN laugh out loud
Lmfao I Learned It & Said It To A Girl&i got in Trouble
Really funny! Nice! Did you know that pie is a source of protein?

162Yo mama so fat when she tripped it caused hurricane katrina
Laugh out loud, so that's how hurricane katrina happened!
I liked this joke because its funny cause its true.
That's tight keep it up
[Newest]So that's how Katrina came to be so funny!

163Yo mama so fat it took 40 days and 40 nights for Jesus to get across her
Don't talk about Jesus stupid people don't you know that's Gods son.

164Yo mamas so fat that when she got out of the shower you would need an ark to get out the front door

165Yo mammas so fat, she's got a rash from her XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL pants
Like you said yo mammas so fat she got a rash from her x L pants
I like this one its funny

166Yo mama is so fat she is the reason to why Krispy Kreme is still around till this day

167Yo mamma so fat that people jog around her for exercise
Yo mama so ugly that. S the reason mike and ike broke up
Laugh out loud love this joke
You mama so fat when she goes out her belly button sticks out people say wow! The first woman with a pennis

168Yo Mamma Is So Fat, when she sat on a ipod video she created the nano
Funny stuff man funny stuff
Wow this is awesome I'm dying

169Yo momma is so fat she couldn't press a computer key without pressing 2 or 3

170Yo momma so fat she put the lipo in liposuction

171Yo mama's so fat she got it goin' on... and one and on and on.

172Yo momma so fat she works in a glass shop sitting on sand

173Yo mama so fat when she went to In-N-Out she couldn't get in or out
This one is kind of funny

174Yo momma so fat that if a fly wanted to circle around her, it would die halfway there.

175Yo mama so fat she saw a yellow bus full of white kids and yelled, "STOP THAT TWINKIE!"
Best joke ever :-)! #######

176Yo mama so fat, her farts cause global warming

177Your mama is so fat the Russians use her as a nuke
Lol like this one

178Yo mama is so fat the only excise she does is to run after the ice cream truck

179Yo mama so fat she went bugee jumping and the bridge sagged
That was stupid as hell... But hilarious!

180God made Noah build the ark because he knew your mom was going for a swim
Haha funny think of my old science teacher
HAHAHAHAHAHHA awesome! HAHAHAHA man I can't stop laughing
man where did you make that one up
This joik isent even funny pricks

181Yo mommas so fat she runs out of breath trying to breathe
Laughed so hard, I could not breath when I read this. I laughed so hard I woke everyone up in the house laughing, then I read it to everyone and everyone burst out laughing this deserves to be on the top ten list for sure! Give this joke what it needs to make other people laugh so vote for this on it needs to be number 2 not number 120!
So bloody funny. Who wouldn't like that joke. Me and my sis just laughed like we have never laughed before!
This is such an awesome joke I cracked up. My sisters llike what is wrong with and then I read them this joke and they start out good one
[Newest]That is so so funny I wish I came up with that

182Yo mama so fat, I hung a picture of her on my wall and it got torn down.

183Yo mama so fat, when she went to church and sat on a bible, Jesus came out and said LET MY PEOPLE GO!
Restarted. That wasn't even Jesus who said tat, it was Moses.

184Yo mama so fat... but heck I like fat women.
This is very very por... I hated this more than I hate broccoli... And I despise broccoli very much... Hate whoever posted this... Disgusting!
That, is absolute CLASS. Made me laugh reading the other 121, then seeing this one that puts a whole new take on the subject. Have a shiny star
I do love a good 'Yo momma's so fat' joke, but DAMN if this one didn't make me laugh out loud, literally. As in I startled my cat! Only one so far that did too! An unexpected twist-ending! Brilliant! Best so far.
[Newest]Thank you for sending this joke its funny send a best tremendous jokes

185Yo mama so fat she wears a VCR for a beeper.

186Yo mama is so fat she needs a licence plate to walk
! Still laughing after 10 minutes

187Yo mamma so fat that when she ordered from McDonalds and asked for her change back they gave her 2 Big Macs

188Yo mama is so fat she can only survive by eating smaller fat people

189Yo mommas so fat she don't fit on this top ten list
Lame try this yo mama like a hardware store ten cents for a screw
It's funny how this is number 143
That comment is so funny better than the joke

190Yo mama so fat, when she stepped on the scale, it's over Nine THOUSAAAAND!
Vegeta is rolling in his grave
I like this one😊

191Your mamma so fat when she gave birth to you they couldn't find you until you were 10.

192Yo mama so fat when she farts Al Gore accuses her of global warming

193you mama so fat she got lipo suction last august and she still not done
this is the best I've heard so far

194Yo mamma is so fat that she ate an iPhone because it had Apple on the back
Laugh out loud, nice dude

195Yo mama is so fat she can sing the Big Mac song in a heartbeat

196Yo mamas so fat that when she died she did not need a coffin she took up the space of 1 cemetery and 4 counties

197Yo mama's so fat when dracula sucked her blood hes got diabetes
This joke is really good! I love it! This should be like number 4! Ps I saw that YouTube Video too.
One two type two diabetes aw ha ha ha oh wait its not funny.

198Yo mama so fat the universe revolves around her

199Yo mamma so fat when she went bungie jumping she went straight to hell

200Yo mum is so fat, she uses the Eiffel Tower as a toothpick

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