Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Younger Siblings

If you have younger siblings, don't you wanna write ALL about them? Well, here's a list for you then! And me laugh out loud. It doesn't matter if you don't have a younger brother or younger sister, you can still read about those little annoying bundles of annoyance you just wanna sell to merchant!
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1 They steal your stuff and claim it's theirs

A year ago, at a fair I saw a glow in the dark jellyfish in glass and I wanted it badly. I paid $20 for it and a year later I found it in the closet. I brought it out to decorate my bookshelf but the next day guess what? My annoying brother stole it and claimed it was his! I said, "Then why is the jellyfish blue and not green? I bought the blue one. If it was yours, it would be green." And he replied, "Well, I am your boss so it belongs to me." SERIOUSLY?! Now I am forced to hide the jellyfish and I can never put good use to it until I get my own room.

Oh hell, this happens a lot. I have my favourite red artist pencil I use all the time, And it has my name on. well, a few days ago, I find my sister with a pencil seemingly identical to my one, only with an old rubber stuck on the end. I ask her (as we were doing a art lesson at the time) if I could borrow her rubber, so she gave me the full pencil. I pull the rubber of the pencil, and guess what? my pencil was there, with minor changes. for a start, my name had been crossed out with permanent marker, and next, she had put her puny name on below instead! I could go on and on about other things that were gone or changed, but I wont. anyway, I had a go at her, but the parents just said,
"it's a pencil. let it go!" you know, honesty, I don't know what to do any more, because I had the same problem with chocolate- no wonder she is fat... please- someone help me- what do I do?

I really hate my younger brother because of this. I'm the one who is being mistreated while my parents are spoiling my brother like hell. I tried to collect money as soon as I can buy materials to improve my drawings, because my parents doesn't have the heart of buying or supporting me as a future artist, despite the high bank accounts they have. Because of this relationship my brother often steals things from me, mostly money. I saw him holding my wallet, which contains a lot of coins and bills. I took it from him and then there's no money left. He has his own wallet and I heard the familiar sound of coins clinking, and then I suspected that he has my money. He cried and shouted at me while I

I know right! I have have a 5 year old brother that constantly takes my stuff without permission! My parents keep telling me "to put my stuff away" and I do! Its like he thinks he has found it and starts telling lies about me! I'm currently in loads of fandoms and I own lots of figures from those things from fandoms. He tries to take them! Sometimes my tech too! My parents don't understand do they?! I spend my time watching anime and the other time doing homework, and researching! But then he decides to take me phone (that I sometimes research on) and suddenly starts playing Minecraft! what?! I start yelling at him and then I get the blame for it! He says he'll use it for 10 minutes but instead nearly an hour!

I wish I can just grab any knife and stab him as many times as I like then just dismember his body parts! Then I can get all the blood and revenge I need. (I have an other-sided insane personality. I actually threatened to kill one of the boys in my school that constantly ...more

2 They keep going to your room

My little brother barges into my room so much and begs me to add more screen time onto the iPad when he's not allowed to. I say no, and then he goes onto the upper bunk of our bunk bed and he ruins my bed! He throws pillows around and puts his boogers on the sheets. So I am forced to provide him 8 hours of screen time despite having time limits. When I lock the door so he can't come in, he stays at the door and waits for me to unlock it for 1 hour straight! Luckily in two months we are getting our own rooms and I can lock it whenever I want without getting in trouble.

Every time my bratty sisters have friends over they sneak into my room and TRASH it. Now I have to lock my door from the OUTSIDE, which I can only do with my swiss army knife, and I have to lug that thing around in my pocket for the duration of the playdate. Once they even ripped out some of the pages of my books. Now I'm really into dungeons and dragons 5e and those books cost like $50. I'm not risking it

I share a room with my little brother and honestly he's the most obnoxious creature ever to roam on this planet. He's always messing things up, hogging my space, and making a lot of noises. His actions are clearly disturbing. Whenever I tell him not to do something, I use a quiet tone so my parents won't think that we're fighting (he's always the cause of our fights). But what does he do? He screams and shouts bad things at me and most of the time he calls me things that we aren't supposed to say (where I come from, its not polite to use words like that) and my parents aren't even mad at him! He has the audacity to say curse words in front of my parents and they don't even get mad at him. And he's only 11. I never rat him out for doing things yet he does the opposite to me! My parents are always scolding me about not treating my younger sibling right. Well how am I supposed to be nice to him when he does things to me all the damn time? Plus, I always have the effort to be nice to him. ...more

My little sister has her best friend around at her house after school every Tuesday before there ballet lessons, and that is the time I get home from school and I get changed. well, while I am doing that, they find it funny to peep there little heads around my door and laugh- it is the embarrassing as well as most annoying thing ever! please stop!

3 They annoy you on purpose

My brother is just a general ass, when I'm downstairs trying to make progress on a game on our shared xbox, he sits down there and pesters me until I get off, or he tells me how to play the game.

I swear I have two younger sisters and they are so annoying and dumb. The youngest is not as bad as the middle sister. My middle sister can be a complete brat. She always says "stop" or she did not do anything wrong even though she is having an attitude. She also says she hates mom and always takes my dad's attention because he thinks she's such a little angel, UGH. She and my youngest sister also start fights for dumb reasons and they start screaming and fighting, it seriously gets on my nerves and that's a reason I don't play with them anymore.

One day I decided to be nice and served my little brother some lemonade. The next day, he barges into my room and starts acting annoying to force me to give him more lemonade for him to shut up. Come on, one act of kindness and he thinks I'm his servant? I mean, I asked him why he's acting annoying and he says, "Well, I like making you mad." Literally. Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do with that guy.

I love my little brother to death, but he is really annoying, once he went in my room and dropped on my back ( it hurt for a few seconds) So it went like this.

Me: Ouch! Why the heck did you feel the need to do that?

Brother: Well why did you punch me!

Me: What?! I never punched you! You're lying!

Brother: No, YOU'RE LYING!

Me: Then get out of my room if you're gonna bring this up!

Brother: No, you get out my room!

Me: Ok first of all this is not your room, second of all, you don't order me out of my room, so I can do whatever I want there! Out!

So we went on and on until I ignored my younger brother until he got out. But the fights still happen from time to time.

4 They tell your parents lies about you

My brothers do this all time time, and I used to get in trouble for it. But then I found the loop hole. Do it to them. Bend their story slightly but in your favor. Don't try to seek revenge right after either. It's a game, and you have to spread out and use there cards correctly. Take there things and hide them is my favorite, revenge wise, right after doing this I take a LONG walk, getting out of the fire zone and getting more revenge. Don't, however, take certain things. Such things as phones or or controllers. Lastly if a fight or disagreement breaks out, be the first one to get to mom and dad, they will go off of your story.

Once my brother said I punched him when he kicked me and started running on tile with my phone (it doesn't have a screen protecter) and whereing socks so he nearly slipped. Then he pulled my hair. Another time he threw a large butter knife at me and my friends head but we're fine. My mom didn't believe me when I told her. Then he threw scissors at me. The only time she beloved something I say is if I do something mean back to my brother. He's just bothersome most of the time. Oh, did I meantion HE STEALS THINGS AND NEVER GIVES THEM BACK? I have to twist his pinkie to make him give it back. But he's still my northern and I love him. Even if he's really annoying

Insert all meanings for "yes" here. One time we were switching beds because we moved our room but at 8 pm he didn't want the top bunk even though he was clear on it earlier so he gets all pouty and says he wants to sleep on the bottom so my mom says I need to be on the top bunk so my little brother is a really heavy sleeper so I take his blankets and a pillow and try to sleep on the ground but it was uncomfy so I rolled him right off the bed on to the makeshift bed I made and he woke up and I guess he drifts off real easy so he dozes off on the makeshift bed and the next day he got up early and made sure he told MOM so I woke up with my robes and some POM juice and Mom tells me this crazy twist of what happened like his legs hurt and all that junk so I get in trouble like I always do when something happens with my little brother. Finished my POM juice now.

EXACTLY! My 14 year brother gets away with EVERYTHING. I complain about him 24/7. My parents have nothing but excuses for him. Whenever he complains about me or when I'm doing things that he does to me, I get in trouble! He has a tendency to bend the truth when something happens and it's his turn to tell his side of story. He makes it sound like it's my fault or the other person's fault! My parents ALWAYS believe him! I'm not the only one. My grandmother, aunts, uncles, etc. are fully aware of all this. My grandmother is constantly praying for me.

5 They blame things on you

So this like happens almost like ALL the time. FIRST, my younger sister annoys me; then, I get annoyed; Then, I got in trouble; AND FINALLY, asks for me forgiving her ( I said "fine. I'll give you 5 more chances), then, she blames it on me (she also yells and complains) because she asks me to play with her and I said no because like I need some time on my own right now. Then she blames it on me and I told her to shut up and be quiet. Then guess what? I got in trouble and mom said SHE like SHE AKA MY SISTER is allowed to have the laptop and play games like ITS ON HER. Just because I told her to shut up or be quiet, doesn't mean she (my sister; age 9; turns 10 on her bday) did something good.

Alright, so once my little brother is sitting in the living room doing nothing and I am tidying up the room and I set a bookmark down on the recycling so I can load some other stuff into the garbage when he comes over and sees the bookmark and assumes I'm recycling the one that came with it so all of a sudden he comes over and starts THROWING STUFF OUT OF THE RECYCLING! Then I tell him that FIRST I was not recycling the bookmark and SECOND I did not put the other bookmark in there! Then he says I was the one who made the huge mess on the floor! I tell him he is being way too dramatic and hasty. Then he says I MADE HIM MAKE THE MESS. Like dude are you one of those people born with only half a brain? We argue some more and halfway he goes and tells Mom and screws up all the details and I get mad and go to my room for some peace. Then later my mom shouts "Bijan! Did you make this mess? " So I come over and try to tell her what REALLY happened but my mom doesn't even let me talk for 2 ...more

During a party on Christmas Eve 2016 I saw my little cousin take a blanket from another cousin's room. That same day, I went to use their restroom upstairs. My sister was in the same room as me that day. The next day, she told my parents that I took the blanket from my cousin's room when it was really my cousin. My mom then told me to stop lying and my dad got EXTREMELY FURIOUS at me. They did not see what happened because my dad was working that day and my mom was in the kitchen talking with the other grownups. They did not believe me even though I was a witness and that I was telling the truth. WORST. CHRISTMAS. EVER! >:(

I get in trouble all the time for things that my brother did. When we get in a fight, he stretches the truth just so it sounds reasonable and It doesn't matter what I say because they always take his side. ( He's the youngest) So they always go easy on him. He needs punished and they say he's too young when he's like 6. Or that I instigate everything (lie) ( he starts his own problems and gets me into it somehow ) I would have gotten in so much trouble when I was his age

6 They make your life stressful

Bruh, my little brother is almost thirteen. I've been doing his homework on top of my own for around five years. I'm always tired and stressed because his apparently takes priority over mine and I have to stay up late to do it all. I've tried not doing it, but I get in trouble for bad grades; both his and mine. And I swear, if he where to write his own essay, his teachers would accuse him of cheating. And his quote-on-quote 'essays'? They're bullet points, and he doesn't understand what's wrong with them. Honestly, between him and classmates that honest-to-god screwed up 1+1, I am losing my mind. And no, (bid farewell to any optimistic beliefs for humanities future) I'm not exaggerating. 1+1=1 to my Tenth grade classmates.

I read this list and am happy to know there are more people in the world like me. I also want to tell u no matter how much stress they give you do not give up. I use my anger as power. My siblings know when I get mad not to step in my way. Do not be discouraged.

Yes! I hate it when my brother invites his friends over to play video games. The games they play are just the same games that are actually boring. I never get to play video games ALONE because my stupid immature 10 year old "marty sue" brother and his immature friends always play them. I seriously want to punch a brick wall until it got destroyed really bad...WITH MY HEAD!

My sister hates me, and likes my older brother better. She hates it when I eat, drink, sing, breath through my nose, EVERYTHING! But when my brother does it, she acts like it didn't happen! She always blames everything on me, too. One time she lost her tooth, and got mad at ME for "not cleaning my room". Since when did she become my mom?! Who cares about your stupid tooth?! Why is it so important?! I asked her that, and she said "I need money from the Tooth Fairy". She's 9, and still believes in the Tooth Fairy. And when I say I don't feel like playing with her and I don't care about some stupid thing she says "you don't care about me or anything".

Today, I was eating some pizza, she said "you steal everyone's pizza". what?! That pizza was for my mom, but she didn't want it, and let me have it. I told my sister that, but she still said I steal everyone's pizza.

Then there was this time when she was mad for no reason. I asked why, ...more

7 They act innocent when they did something bad

One time, My little brother slammed one of our chairs into the ground and quickly placed the chair in my hands and fell on the floor and started crying. I stood there with the chair in my hands in confusion. The next thing you know, my dad walks into the kitchen seeing the chair in my hands and my brother on the ground crying. I got whooped for 3 hours!

Oh this one just HAD to come.Sometimes my little brother hides stuff he can get his hands on, and I try to ask him where he hid it.I get my response, which is the typical "oh, I don't know what you are talking about and if I did, I would have forgotten where I hid it by now".The only comment I have on this is seriously, li'l bro, you have to learn how to be perfectly honest!

My cousin got my sister a new T.V. and she was downstairs and she was all like "I got a new T.V. and it is SO much better than hers" and my mom was downstairs when my sister was saying this stuff. Then my sister tells me to come see and I do and I tell her that mom and dad were going to replace the T.V. s in my brothers room and in my room with 32 in one's and hers was only a 19 in. Then my mom yells at ME for quote and quote being mean and bragging. Really!? Me!? Why not my sister!?

My parents used to spank me until I would laugh at them because it didn't hurt. I'm gprunded it I don't hand wash the dishes correctly. My sister has only been in a five minute timeout a couple times. My parents would even take away my favorite toy, especially if my brother and I couldn't clean/organize my room in less than 10 minutes

8 They borrow your stuff without asking

My little brother always sneaks into my room and takes my stuff. I ask him for it back but he says he didn't have it but he will find it for me. It is always somewhere stupid where I never would've put it, ever! But afterwards he always gets told well done for getting it. My parents never believe that HE STOLE IT! He takes my Game Cards and 3DS all the time. When he took my Pokémon SoulSilver game, he released all of my beloved team members like Torch the Typhlosion and Sparky the Ampharos! :-( And my parents believed that it was 'just a glitch'?! He's been doing it for ages no matter where I hide my things he always gets his hands on them! I hate my brother. He goes out of his way to make me unhappy by ruining my stuff and teasing me in front of everyone! He stole my 3DS recently but this team he won't give it back! It's gone forever...I hate him so much. He will never rest until I am dead...

My sister thinks it is okay to go into my private stuff like my phone or my OC book and steal it. I am currently writing a book and I have a special note book I take everywhere and she steals it from me and uses it for her 'own book'. It hurts me that she does that and tries to steal not only my stuff but my ideas too. Even when I've begged her to please not do it she still does it. I am writing a book on Wattpad (by the way if you would like to read it it's called Fairytail High School by kbiering11) and I make videos on Vivavideo and make music on Garage band and she either steal it or says it sucks.

Well, today me and my daddy were playing Mario kart wii, and then he went to go and get some lunch as him and I were both hungry. then, out of nowhere, my little sister just picks up the remote, logs me out , steals my seat as well as the remote and plays her own game! ack! >:(

I hide my favourite drone in my cupboard and while I’m at school he takes it, trashed my cupboard anyway and broke it. My parents said it was ‘weight of my stuff’ come on he has plenty of stuff

9 They're cry babies

I agree. I like my younger sister but she throws a lot of temper tantrums and cries over the most slightest thing and she is 10 now!

My little brother throws a tantrum at least three times a day, literally. I've gotten used to it now, although that doesn't make it any less torture.

I got some super cool colored pens from Walmart for school and to use for art class, and my brother kept begging and begging but I kept saying no because I needed them, and I know how he is with pens. He uses up the ink ridiculously fast, and don't ask me how, but he breaks them and he always tries to take them apart. He cried and gave me the silent treatment and I just gave him the pen to just shut him up so he would leave me alone. Just imagine a 13 year old kid, crying his butt off over a stupid green pen. There you have it. Siblings. UGH.

So true. My brother turns 11 next month and he still won't stop crying about the stupidest and he claims he has depression when literally the biggest problem in his life is that he has to go to school, even though he does terrible on purpose and pretends he's stupid (probably not pretending, lol) and he has a ton of friends. When he cries he stays in his room for like hours and pounds on stuff and screams. That's literally worse than when he was a baby because he would only cry when he was hungry. I miss when he was tiny and couldn't talk.

10 They think they're the best

My fat spoiled brother is by far the worst. Everyday he sings "I am the best! I beat everyone!" Even though he has trouble with math and has terrible grammar. Literally, I once asked him why he is the best and he said, "Cause I am." What the heck of a reason is that?! My parents are literally the only people in the world that even like him.

I've worked my butt of my entire life to get where I am right now in school. My 7th grade brother has intentionally gotten bad grades his entire life, gets one A and my parents buy him a new video game console.

My sister is my dad's favorite my far. She gets what she wants, and although she can't multiply in fourth grade and when I was in fourth grade I was in an advanced program for the top 25 students in our class in the school district, she still thinks she's smarter than me. I don't even know what logic she's using, but she's been convinced that she's smarter for years. I wish she wasn't serious when she said that she was smarter

My brother skips his tests and he gets praised while I miss a mark and I’m grounded. He was honestly put on this planet to annoy me. YUCK

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11 They act spoiled

Jesus yes. Every time I want to watch one simple show, my brother gets upset tells my parents and I get in trouble! Like I'm the one that asked to watch T.V.! My brother used to cry every time I tried to watch the gosh darned animal channel! SO IMMATURE. And every time I say-you're being so immature! My brother says- we already discussed this, I AM immature! Like what kind of excuse is that? That doesn't make it okay! And he is ALWAYS trying to get me in trouble! He always laughs when I get grounded or hit, usually for crap I didn't even do. He's 13 and I'm 15 almost 16, but I swear to god, I am going to have to move out soon so I don't end up murdering the jerk!

Oh. My. Gosh. Yes. Okay, I have a younger sister, but I'm not gonna say her name, so I'll call her Sarah. Sarah is four years old, and she is very immature. Even for a four year old. She will throw a tantrum, and this how she starts every single one. "DADDY! (Or MOMMY! ) ASA (My brother) won't listen to me! Or sometimes she says I won't listen to her. One time the little jerk locked my younger brother Asa in my dads office, and she WANTED ASA TO APOLOGIZE TO HER! NO.. JOKE. She likes to watch dumb ass shows, and insults my cartoons! What's better to you? Breadwinners, or Invader ZIM? Now, the answer is quite obvious, pretty much every one would say Invader ZIM. But you see, my younger sister insulted Invader ZIM so terribly I wanted to smite her! OH AND SHE NEVER GETS IN TROUBLE!

My sister is 12 and get praised of being “mature.” Me on the other hand is 17 and is accused of being “immature.” It is so annoying, me sister sometimes watches Barney and gets away with it. I watched 2 episodes of TV-MA, and my parents thought STILL thought I was watching victorious.

This, I bet, is one of the most common parenting difficulties. Younger siblings don't act spoiled because they really are. All the attention the siblings get plus all the stuff that he or she gets, just for wanting it, can really become a serious problem. Take my bro, for an example, who gets a device on it and stays on it around the clock, with only bathroom pauses that he takes with either my mom or dad! I would make a stamp that says: "unacceptable behaviour" in response to that.

12 They don't listen to you

You want a long explanation? Alright. My brother and I like to play video games, and whenever a glitch happens, he whines and cries. I say "Stop that, please." And he screams at me. And then he gets killed, he blames me. And once he was glitching badly, and he screamed "HELP ME!" and I tried to help him, and he yelled "NO!." Yep, its torture.

I am 13 and my little brother is 10. So we have an x box 360 that I am usually on playing games. When ever he wants to get on a game that he is not allowed to play (I am allowed to play mature games but I have limits.) My brother just puts in Grand Theft Auto 4 and starts playing wile my parents are in the other room! So I tried to save my brother from getting in trouble with our parents. So I told that I wasn't allowed to play that for good reasons and I would get my stuff taken away also not allowed to keep touch with friends. But he just argued the entire time then I said fine get in trouble then. So I left and I heard my parents yell at him and turn off the game. (I am sorry I forgot to mention that we were younger when it happened. )

I swear my brother doesn't listen to me because he thinks he knows best with everything until proven wrong, and then he bushes off the whole thing like it never happened. For example; we brought a new weed wacker and because he's a noob he couldn't get it to start properly, but with a bit of patience and playing with the throttle it went. He said he would take back and I said "no it's fine" he didn't listen, drove all the way to the shop to hunt down the tools manager and go trouble shoot it so he could swap it for a better one, comes back a good hour latter and looks me in the eye and says "it's fine nothing wrong with it" felt like back handing the little prick.

My mom gets aggravated when she sees trash on top of the garbage bag or on the sides. My brother is 10 yrs old and was throwing pieces of waffles in the trash I told him to stop ( I was trying to make sure he didn't get in trouble ) and he said no so I told him that the waffles was getting all over the bag and I pointed to one and he said that's not mine I said you're the only one whose throwing their waffles in the bag and he still was arguing I told him the house can get bugs like that and all he kept doing was mumbling under his breath so I walked away couple minutes later he wasn't in there I checked to see if he picked it up ( its still there ).

13 They get away with things more easily

One time my sister and her friends came over. She tied a a rope to my door. I came out to get a glass of water. The rope jerked me up into the air, and I was there, hanging upside down! Then they stole my phone, so I couldn’t call my parents. Then they kept swinging me for 30 minutes! They stopped and when my dad came upstairs they ran back to the room. I puked, and my dad said, why are you puking? I said my sister and her friends jerked me up on a rope and left me hanging and they kept swinging me. My dad was like, that is so fake, call me when you’re in danger. SERIOUSLY?!

My brother is a sensitive guy, and whenever he gets a paper cut he cries to death, and believe me, its not fake. He's a terrible actor. My parents hate it and they'd do anything to take a break from raising kids. So, when he does something bad my parents just tell him not to do it again and let him off "because he's not mature yet, so he's bound to act like that". Sure, I am going to middle school and have higher expectations, but when he wins me in a game once while I beat him 12 more times and yet my parents say that he won because he is younger then me, but come on! He's not 12 years younger than me. It is SOOOO not fair!

! For example, my mom will see trash my BROTHER left out, like a candy wrapper, and I'll be slightly closer to it and she'll make me pick it up and throw it away! Even if she knows it's his I still have to do it. She ALWAYS plays favorites and he gets away with anything! If we're in a fight, he'll go and tattle to her all about it and I almost always get in trouble. For example, we'll start fighting and hell throw something at me. I'll still get in trouble for "provoking" him or not being a better example it some other bs like that. He had to go to therapy for a while because he lies so much but he's still the favorite child obviously. I just cannot express how annoying he can be sometimes.

When you're the oldest (I am) and you're a small child, your parents have really strict rules - in bed by six, no sweets until you're five, absolutely NO screen time whatsoever, etc. Then along comes Little Miss/Mr Entitled three years later, staying up all night, snarfing down chocolate under the table before their second birthday, and staring with their (adorable! Sweet! Precious! ) wide zombie-eyes at the new T.V. or their very own iPad.
And they'll forever be cute, while you spend your whole childhood being ignored in favor of them or being asked if you think you're a good big sister/brother. As if you need more reason to have yourself.

14 They're scaredy-cats

My sister is going to be 13 in several months, and she STILL sleeps in my parents room. Keep in mind that I started sleeping in my own room when I was 5, and she is almost a teenager and refuses to sleep in her own room.

My brother has pushed me against the wall and started yelling at me at school. When we're on the bus, she is so hateful to me just when I say to lower his voice (b/c he's very loud and annoying) he starts telling me I'm not the boss of him. Right when we get off the bus he'll start saying "Hey sissy, (I hate that! He's 13 and calls me that) I run away and ignore him. When I say why did he do that he'll just say no I don't want to talk about it. And when I try to show him how it feels, he starts crying and talking [yelling] over me, then tells on me so I get in trouble. When I tell on him for doing it to me, he says no he didn't and starts crying, of course, and I still get in trouble. Either way he wins

Many younger siblings are afraid of a lot of things. List: dogs, thunder, clouds, clowns, beetles, bees, spiders, snakes, the dark, sleeping alone, flushing the toilet, heights, graveyards, blood, mice, rain, snow, monsters, outer space, needles, sleeping with no one in the same room, wild animals, frogs, bats, the faucet, and roller coasters. IT SUCKS!

My almost 3 year old sister, Fiona, is scared of a lot of things. List: thunder, beetles, wild animals, dogs, clowns, outer space, bees, spiders, monsters, clouds, the dark, mice, rain, snow, and needles. Out of all of them, the fear of the dark is the worst. I have the room across from her, and she is always crying until one of my parents come in

15 They fake their crying

In the car me and my sister fight she hits me on the shoulder and then starts fake crying and says "Jackie punched me! " like what the hell! Or she won't even hit me and just say I hit her.

My sister is so annoying. I don't think she fake cries, but she makes this really ugly face that I can't tolerate. I wish she'd stop. I hate when she does that!

My sister was "crying but every time my dad turns his back, I swear I see her smiling.

I hate my sister she fakes so much and tells as well

16 They are tattle-tales

One day I was on my computer doing online homework when my brother barges in my room and takes one look at the screen, then runs off to my parents and says, "____ is doing computers!" and my parents would say, "That's enough games. No more screen time for today. And whenever I try to tell them that I wasn't playing games and I was doing homework but they didn't want to hear it. And that's why I got a B in my grades.

It's annoying, but imagine what they'd be like when they grow up.
Friend: Um sir?
*Friend touches tattle*
Tattle: I'm telling the police!
Friend: Aw, Shoot.
(After the call)
*Police come*
Police: Sir you're going to prison!
Friend: I didn't do anything!
Police: Tell what happened to the judge, criminal.
(3 days later)
Friend: I just tapped him! Here's footage!
*Shows the footage*
Judge: Ahh, then that person will be arrested for life.
Tattle: What? I didn't do anything!
Judge: Wasting the polices time AND Lying, you're going to hell.
Tattle: NOO

I think I should get my sisters walkie-talkies so when I do anything that they consider threatening (which is everything) they can tattle to mum faster and more efficentlly.

My sister tattles a lot. She'll call me a swear word, then I'll tell her, "What the heck is wrong with you? " Then she'll call her dad and only tell the bad stuff I did. She never includes the swear words she calls me, or the screwdriver she chucked at my head, or anything! Then my dad will pick her up from our house (he used to, she lives at his house now.) all while having the nerve to tell me what I did wrong. Of course my sister didn't do anything wrong though! Ughhh

17 They force you to their "fairy tea parties"

She wants me to play docmcstuffins and have fake tea parties. Good thing there's no sign that says it's not okay to be antisocial on your iPad the entire time with headphones and not participate in anything and just sit there cause that's what I do.

Oh my god! It's the worst! You have to sit in a little princess dress that doesn't even fit you and you have to sit there like in a fancy tea party! I hate my little brother for that! Yes, my brother not my sister!

It's a good thing I have a brother and not a sister.Because if I do...
Sister:Big Sis! Hurry! Come to my tea fairy party!
Me:(thinks)not again...
Sister:Sis,why won't you drink the tea? I made it with hard work!
Me:You didn't even made this! This is just some left over tea that mom made this morning!
Sister:Now shut up and eat this pixie dust cookie and hold your magic wand so I can take a pic of you and post it on your instagram account! (holds my tablet and gets ready to take a pic)
Sister:Say cheese...
Me:(mutters)this is bad...

Fairy tea parties are boring, embarrassing and annoying.

18 They rage if you kill them in video games

We're not allowed to play video games together, but during board games? I always win and when I do, he rages and throws things everywhere and says he won instead. Then he makes ME pick it up. I mean, why do I deserve this?

This. Me and my sister played Overwatch, and I put us on opposite teams so we could practice our sniping skills on bots. I kill her and she screams and sobs and says how she never wants to be on opposite teams again. Not that I want her on my team, because she always complains about not getting heals when she plays as Tracer and I already have my harmony orb on her.

My sister is a complete NOOB at minecraft. Whenever I want to play by myself she joins my world and demands building lessons. If I don't comply, she whinges to mum

Whenever my little sister kills me in any video game, just like that, I tell her to stop, and she gives me a smirk then kills me again. So then I kill her. She screams and throws the controller at my head and gives me a bad bruise. Then my mom comes and blames me for killing my little sister.

19 They share a bedroom

I share a basement with my older half sister, who I don't mind and she's awesome, and then theres my two younger sibilings. one of them doesn't care that I have my own belongings, and always goes on my bed. The other is always asking me to play barbies with her...

Well we lived an apartment and we had to share a room. Well it sucked and once my little bro wanted to go in the room and he had to play in there. so my grandpa who is German well he was gone and I got my own room. Well let's say that I hated sharing a room.

Ugh. Yes. I live in an Apartment building and I have like 6 siblings so I have to share a room with my two sisters. One of them snores and one talks in their sleep. How lucky I am.

My sis and I both sleep in the same bed, but she cannot stop singing. It just really gets annoying, and it's practically why I grab my computer before going to sleep.

20 They try to be the center of attention

My little sister doesn't just try to be the center of attention, she IS the center of attention. Whenever we have calls with family, she hogs the computer and "sings"(more like screeches) to them. She also always wants to play "princess", where she is a queen and I am her servant. The worst part about it is that she doesn't realize that everyone is now tired of her thinking that everyone loves her singing (I think she's going though a phase or something).

I am the middle kid of the family. My older bro is awesome, but my younger is not. He always takes aay attention and he is an annoying little brat.

. When nobody's around and everyone's at home chilling, my sister will act like she's 27 with her opinions. But when she's around people she acts like she's two to get attention. She's 4. We were in the mall and she screamed arana grande because she doesn't know how to say her name. Some people from school with air and they were looking at us funny. We're still in the mall and at Gymboree and this girl pretends to be a manikin I am so done. I was really embarrassed

Whenever we are at parties my cousins and sister always gets lots of attention while I am being overlooked/ignored. While my sister and cousins are hanging out together I am almost always alone, playing on my phone and listening to music. I like parties, but sometimes they can be a bit boring because my relatives always overlook me.

21 They can be rude

My brother is so rude. He always says "Why do you always draw wolves and cats and never ANYTHING else? " or when I am making a work in progress meme on scratch he giggles at it. He laughs at all my stuff, copies me a little, and just can't stop being so rude. He always does this cringey Arthur (pbs kids) stuff and tells me to watch it and I start making screeching noises with my mouth closed and hang upside down to get all the blood to my arms. He cringes me on purpose and this has all been happening ever since I was diagnosed with autism. I think I am his test subject and he wants to see how autism people react to such cringe and rudeness...

My little brother follow me everywhere I just want to kill him so bad for annoying me to death. I get ready to water the plants and he come out. I told him to stop. (Ya know be the nice guy) And he stands there silently. and I have to push and lift him back in the house. Then my dad blames me that I should let him water the plants so I did and he doesn't water them. then I grab my sandals again hopefully he doesn't come back to follow and GUESS WHAT HE FOLLOW ME FOR THE GOD DANG AGAIN. inside I like I'm done. Then finally my dad makes me take all the blame just because I'm the older brother. I explain to him and he's like I don't know You're the older brother you shouldn't have though him thought. (I was like... what did I do to him) this fits all of the topics on this website.

My brother doesn't know the slightest bounds of this. He might go and watch YouTube videos that are completely innocent but he ends up clicking on this other video, learning all the swear words in one single DAY! Now he's used offense and violence COUNTLESS times, like once where he threw an iPad at me and it hit me in the head. It was really recent, depending on when you read this comment

My sister is a she-devil and she knows it! She's is always choosing to bother me when I'm doing something I like or when I feel miserable! Then whenever I try to fix a problem she walks out or starts acting like a spoiled three year old! ( Kicking her feet, plugging her ears, and screaming) She knows she bothers me because when she does she acts stupid! (Which I think she already is)

22 When they do something bad, you end up getting in trouble.

Yes. I'm not even allowed to say "stop" to him without getting yelled at. Honestly, he's 8 years old and every dang day I wonder when he will grow up and quit acting like a child.

My little brother was following me, so I closed my door and sat in front of it but he kept banging in it! So I raised a boot to him and my mom yelled at me. He went off crying like I had actually hurt him too!

My brother will never share any thing, but when I ask for stuff he starts crying. Another annoying thing he does is break my stuff and then I get in trouble.

This situation ALWAYS happens to me! Sometimes my brother is such a jerk! Just because I punched him gently, he complained & I got punished for it.

23 They think they can do whatever they want

My stepbrother has no idea what it's like to be grounded. He complains about how hard it is that he can't be on his phone and can't do anything. The kid is failing all his classes, lied to my stepmom about his homework and grades and how does she ground? Taking away his electronics until he annoys her and tells him he can have 2 hrs on his computer which turns into all day, gets to watch T.V.. Oh yeah and gets go to Florida for a week even though he has 3 Fs and is almost failing the 7 sixth...the SEVENTH GRADE!

No kidding, a few days ago my bro took my laptop and used it without my permission or knowledge, and my dad let him! he didn't even get a punishment!

My brother who is younger than me is always trying to tell me what to do! And he gets away with it! Its infuriating

My sister is 19 and she can be rude and bossy sometimes and once she threatened me and my parents didn't even care!

24 Think that they can tell you what to do

My sister acts so bossy Every. Single. Day. Last night, she decided to take my iphone and use my fingerprint to unlock it, just so she could play a game on it ! And this morning I found out that she took me all the way back to level one of my fave game ! , and she says she was sleeping the entire time . {who even wake up at 3:00 at night ?} siblings are such a goddamn pain in the butt , am I right ?

My little brother thinks he's Mr. know-it-all and always thinks he can tell what to do. For instance if I'm having a conversation with my mom and ask her if I can go to one of my friends houses he popps up out of nowhere and starts saying rude stuff about my friends and says I shouldn't be hanging out with them. Which is NOT true, because they are the complete opposite of bad influences. Anyways when I tell him to butt out and mind his own, my mom says EVERY SINGLE TIME "He was in the room, so he can join the conversation" It irritates the crap out of me, because that's NOT how it works, just because you're there doesn't mean you can join the conversation. And what makes it even worse is that sometimes she even believes him when he says bad things about them and doesn't let me hang out with my friends. Why does he have to be so irritating?!?!

My brother. The problem Is that he constantly forces others to do what he told them and agree with him at everything. Not to mention, we were expected to find him mature. But does he even know what being mature Is In the first place? Being mature isn't only about bossing others or being able to see maturer content(he doesn't see stuff like that, but some people thought that If you're mature, that means you get to see such things). But It's about being wise,selfless and responsible. It means that you already know what's good and what's bad. Not to mention, he Isn't mature. One time, he wanted mom to make pancakes and when mom says 'no' He whined all day. Also, one day dad pick us up from school and he whined to go to McDonalds. And yes, he whined until Dad took us there. Again, how Is that mature? Why would he consider himself mature when he does really immature things like whining when he doesn't get what he wants or disrespect other people's choices?

so true. My little brother uses me for everything, he screams at me to play with him when I'm busy, and he thinks he's the boss of me. so irritating

25 They don't realize the age difference

They do know when you are older

, my younger brother and sister keep trying to fight me and when I hit my younger brother my older brother _-_ (yes I'm the second oldest) beats me up and has my younger brother join in.

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