Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Younger Siblings

If you have younger siblings, don't you wanna write ALL about them? Well, here's a list for you then! And me laugh out loud. It doesn't matter if you don't have a younger brother or younger sister, you can still read about those little annoying bundles of annoyance you just wanna sell to merchant!

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21 They can be rude

My brother doesn't know the slightest bounds of this. He might go and watch YouTube videos that are completely innocent but he ends up clicking on this other video, learning all the swear words in one single DAY! Now he's used offense and violence COUNTLESS times, like once where he threw an iPad at me and it hit me in the head. It was really recent, depending on when you read this comment

The reason younger siblings ae rude is because your parents let them get away with EVERYTHING! When sister wants a turn on the computer and I'm on it she yells out "LET ME HAVE TURN ON THE COMPUTER! " and she moans and whines until she gets my parents and it ends up with my sister getting her way once again.

My little brother follow me everywhere I just want to kill him so bad for annoying me to death. I get ready to water the plants and he come out. I told him to stop. (Ya know be the nice guy) And he stands there silently. and I have to push and lift him back in the house. Then my dad blames me that I should let him water the plants so I did and he doesn't water them. then I grab my sandals again hopefully he doesn't come back to follow and GUESS WHAT HE FOLLOW ME FOR THE GOD DANG AGAIN. inside I like I'm done. Then finally my dad makes me take all the blame just because I'm the older brother. I explain to him and he's like I don't know You're the older brother you shouldn't have though him thought. (I was like... what did I do to him) this fits all of the topics on this website.

I'm a 13 year old girl (as of June 2017, 14 in july) My little brother is rude because of youtubers that swear. I know this because once I used the family laptop after him and went into the history and found videos on a channel called "zylbrad" and it turns out this guy plays overwatch and CUSSES EXTREMELY HEAVILY. More cuss words than South Park and Wolf of Wall Street COMBINED. Look up the channel and see for yourself if you don't believe me.
He called me a (f word)ing gay (n word that's racist)
Ironic because I'm actually white and straight.

My favourite youtube channel is a pokemon card opening channel who are 100% child friendly and they even open pokemon add packs with a young baby/toddler. :3

~ Umbra

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22 They think they can do whatever they want

My stepbrother has no idea what it's like to be grounded. He complains about how hard it is that he can't be on his phone and can't do anything. The kid is failing all his classes, lied to my stepmom about his homework and grades and how does she ground? Taking away his electronics until he annoys her and tells him he can have 2 hrs on his computer which turns into all day, gets to watch T.V.. Oh yeah and gets go to Florida for a week even though he has 3 Fs and is almost failing the 7 sixth...the SEVENTH GRADE!

My brother who is younger than me is always trying to tell me what to do! And he gets away with it! Its infuriating

My little brother basically never gets grounded for the things he does, I do instead the only time he gets grounded is when my dad is off work

Ok swearing is not the best way to get out of a problem

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23 They try to be the center of attention

Whenever we are at parties my cousins and sister always gets lots of attention while I am being overlooked/ignored. While my sister and cousins are hanging out together I am almost always alone, playing on my phone and listening to music. I like parties, but sometimes they can be a bit boring because my relatives always overlook me.

Ugh. When we're visiting family, three of my younger sisters (Fiona, Gretchen, and Daisy) will ALWAYS fight until one is the center of attention. This past Monday, it happened once again but it was Gretchen who won the center of attention for everybody there, except for me. - IcetailofWishClan

. When nobody's around and everyone's at home chilling, my sister will act like she's 27 with her opinions. But when she's around people she acts like she's two to get attention. She's 4. We were in the mall and she screamed arana grande because she doesn't know how to say her name. Some people from school with air and they were looking at us funny. We're still in the mall and at Gymboree and this girl pretends to be a manikin I am so done. I was really embarrassed

My brother and I have balance

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24 When they do something bad, you end up getting in trouble.

My little brother was following me, so I closed my door and sat in front of it but he kept banging in it! So I raised a boot to him and my mom yelled at me. He went off crying like I had actually hurt him too!

When I am in my room then my parents are outside but my baby brother is inside and causes a mess I get in trouble plus my parents know I am not taking care of them because they are not my children - Xenomorph

My brother will never share any thing, but when I ask for stuff he starts crying. Another annoying thing he does is break my stuff and then I get in trouble.

YES! Today my sister got mad at me, and I got annoyed because I didn't like it and then my dad got mad at ME. WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME? SHE'S THE ONE WHO STARTED IT! >:(

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25 They don't realize the age difference

, my younger brother and sister keep trying to fight me and when I hit my younger brother my older brother _-_ (yes I'm the second oldest) beats me up and has my younger brother join in.

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26 They never pulling their weight

I'm the one doing all the chores. I do my own bed and my sister's bed, and I clean our cat's litter box, put food and water in the cat's bowl, I put all the plates and utensils on the lunch table, I close the curtains and light the lamps at night, I organize both my and her room, and clean her messes on our studying desk. Meanwhile, she's slouching on the couch and smirks. If I complain to my parents, they tell me I can't force her to help.

So glad my sister's awesome... By the way younger siblings ARE a curse! I want to stab little brats like that! I mean, I was an idiot as a little kid, but since I'm older, those little idiots drive me CRAZY

I am underweight my brother is a bit obese like me when I was his age I was obese

My brother does that sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

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27 Somehow I feel like my parents love them more

My dad favored my sister for the longest time. I don't like him to begin with and he blames me for everything. If I get in a fight with my sister he automatically punches me and then yells at us to nock it off. She is almost the same size as me. One time my sister left the milk out and he yelled and asked who did this and when he found out it was my sister he told her that it will make the milk go bad. Another time I really had to pee and I asked my sister to put the milk we just bought in the fridge and then I ran to pee. She apparently left it out and when my dad asked who left the milk out I said "Oh, I brought it in but..." and he didn't even let me finish and yanked the phone out of my hands and screamed at me. After experiencing this abuse on several occasions before, I yelled back and said you aren't listening to me! I then grabbed my phone so that I could call my mom and then I ran fast up the stares and he chased me. He is a really big guy and I am a pretty small girl ...more

There is no "Somehow" to it, my parents love him way more than they love me, that is a fact. My mom doesn't work, and is a stay at home mom, and yet her 14 year old daughter does almost everything in the house. Laundry, dishes, trash, cats litter box, vacuum, have to fold up all the clothes, occasionally I even make dinner. And guess what NO allowance. Anyways, so here I am pretty much doing everything and there's my mom and brother stretched out in the living room watching T.V.. She NEVER listens to me, if I ask her a simple question like what's for dinner she doesn't say anything, like are you deaf or something? Then there goes the devil of a child asking her the exact same question just to irritate me and when she answers him, I get mad at her and say I just asked the exact same thing she says she didn't hear me. Yes you did! Another example is when my brother starts arguments, which you have NO IDEA how hard I try to avoid him, but he just irritates me so much. He would insult me ...more

In my household, we have a rule that nobody can have any electronics until they're at least 9 years old. I received the iPod Touch 4 on my tenth birthday after a year of asking and hoping. My sister got an iPad Air on her 8th birthday! And then my brother was given a Samsung tablet on his 8th birthday, broke it in a fit of anger when he lost at a game, and was given another, more expensive one. He broke that one as well by being careless - he dropped it on the floor. He also smashed my iPad Air trying to hide it from me by dropping it facefirst on a shelf (don't ask me how, I don't know). It cost $150 to repair it, and I had to pay because I was being 'irresponsible'. He was then given an iPad Air 2 on his next birthday. My sister also got my iPod Touch 5 because my parents said 'I had enough devices'. I have a laptop for school, and an iPad Air that I hardly ever get to use. I don't even have a phone, and I'm 14! She somehow manages to have a laptop herself which she doesn't use for ...more

My brother feels that way, we aren't allowed to get a phone until we're twelve, and he did, and I'm eleven and I got a phone, just because I'm "Daddy's Little Girl" - sabrinafan

Finally somebody gets it! - MLPFan

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28 They think they can boss you around

I'm the oldest of three boys and being the only girl is tough but my brothers think they can tell me what to do and make me do things for them because "that's what mum and dad do." Mum and Dad help them with small things but not all their jobs or anything.

I know right

29 They deliberately embarrass you

At one time there were some visitors and one was a boy and two girls the rest were there parents and when they just came in they told lies about me saying that I cry all the and that I am a scaredy cat all the time and after he told them that they started hating me and the boy that came here was even saying that I am a baby and when I told mum he told his mum that he never said that I am a baby and I was so angry.

You know what did you know that my brother tried to grab the torch from me and he never said please and when I said 10 within ten minutes he was acting like a little kid.

My sister reveals secrets to my friends and thinks it's normal

My younger brothers love to twist things I say and ruined 2 of my friendships that way.

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30 When you have friends over, they act stupid and try to get your friend's attention

My brother got nude and spanked his but just to try to get my friend to laugh...

My Damn 4 year old little brother openly hogs my friends attention and openly said he didn't want them to pay any attention to me!

Yes he does that all the time he tries to make them think he's school but its just stupid

When my friend came over, my little sister deliberately stole my stuff and when I scolded her, my friend was like, "Aww, don't make her sad, she's adorable! " While my sister smirked from behind.

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31 They are mean

My little brother will yell at me for no reason and he will scream for anything. I could just walk past him and he would yell at me.

My little sister is so mean. Whenever I buy anything, she has to buy the exact same one, and breaks her own. Then she says that it's mine that's broken, and takes the real one from me. And whenever I pass by her, she falls on the ground, and says that I 'shoved' her.

Daisy will threaten to call the cops on me if I don't give her what she wants! - IcetailofWishClan

Tell me about it. Whenever my brother's mad(usually at my mom for not letting him have his iPad when he gets a bad grade) and I ask him why he tells me to shut up.

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32 They can ruin your belongings

So a few days before Christmas 2016, one of my cousins and my sister decided to play with one of my toy trucks, accidentally rolled it in dog poop, and my cousin's mom sprayed it with a shower head to clean the wheels. But the toy was electric, so they pretty much killed it. And I just about wanted to have a panic attack. Note: Since the toy series it came from is a dead series, it will be super hard to find replacements. - Powerfulgirl10

When I was 7, my 7 year old friend William (not sibling) came to my house. I loved minecraft back then. I had a Steve figure I would play with. My friend William took my Steve figure, and broke its leg. I was a crybaby back then, so I cried. I told my mom about what happened, and my mom asked William why he broke it. William replied "Because he is dumb, fat, and weird." After that, my parents banned William from coming to my house, then 6 months later, he moved out. Hip hip horray! - TeamRocket747

Once again, my five year old sister Gretchen burned my kitten poster outside earlier today. I have to keep my kitten Stormy away from her. - IcetailofWishClan

When we were kids, my sister 'borrowed' my dolls and broke their limbs off, while she scorched the others in the lamp.

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33 They are brats and your parents don't do anything!

My little sister can be a little ass hole I could tell my parents over and over and they won't do anything, and then if I do something like if I forget to do the dishes after I get home from school I get my ass busted and my phone taken away it's just not fair!

My little sister likes to get me in trouble. She's an annoying piece of crap who whines until she gets whatever she wants. If she does something wrong and I tell my parents, she'll blame me and I lose my phone. I swear to god, I'm going to murder her.

My little sister will back talk, whine, and disrespect my mom and nothing happens but if I ever even THOUGHT about doing that...well...lets just say I might not be alive...

I could tell you a million stories...

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34 They're whiny

Yes my brother is that way if HE don't get HIS way

And I am an only child! Aren't I lucky?

35 They think they're big kids

I swear to god every time my little brother acts like he the center of the earth I just wanna choke him to death

I'm 13 and lil bro is 10. I get to do some things he can't and when he sees me doing things he isn't, he gets mad and does it too. I mean, there's a reason why you can't do this!

1 or 2 times a year I have like 5 friends over my sister always comes in and she says a bunch of fancy words and she calls herself part of our "group."

My brother thinks he is a teenager but isss NOOOT! He thinks he's part of the group when MEEE and my friends hang out. It always annoys meh when that happens. I am only 12. Not even a teenager.

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36 They take advantage of your parents

My stupid brother knows that my parents treat him like a king, and he takes advantage of it! He will do anything to embarrass me, get me in trouble, annoy me, you name it! He does it. And the worse part is that he KNOWS he can get away from it! I lived in a box for a month because of it! Best month of my life!

37 They are idiots

My stupid brother keeps messing up his life (got dumped by his girlfriend, lost his job, doesn't have a car, goes to a crummy school and gets crummy grades, etc.). I wouldn't mind this so much if he didn't feel the need to dump it on my poor parents constantly. They will come home from work and the first thing he does is recount the oh-so tragic tale of how he can't find work, he doesn't like school, his girl dumped him, he is bored, etc. To top it off, this boy has no volume control-Hence why he is basically telling the whole house he is upset AND he refuses to do anything about. Oh, boo-hoo you have trouble finding a career path! Well, you should have thought of that in high school instead of goofing around!

I hate my sister when she wants something and she cries I have to give it to her


Back years ago...

I wanted to play Minecraft with my sister..(I don’t play that game anymore). We went to survival we were gonna go to a cave and when she spots something like food then I was like “Come on” then now she is like “where are you”? I said “ Really? I’m right near you”. Then she said “Where”? I said “ I'm BEHIND YOU, ARE YOU STUPID? THIS IS WHY I don't WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU CAUSE YOUR AN IDIOT! ”

Then I got in trouble by my dad. And one day she threw the Xbox controller on the chimney stone throw. Ugh I hate her!

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38 They don't shut up

It's okay I love my sister but she doesn't know how to shut her fridge door

My brother is always getting into something. I call him Mr.GoesIntoAnything

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39 They are big jerks

I am a younger sibling and I got my brother into trouble and I didn't mean it, now he has a punishment, if feel so guilty.

40 They have the most annoying voices

My younger brother is a chatterbox. Especially in the mornings. His voice is loud and annoying. I think he talks on purpose to annoy me.

My brother has this squeaky annoying voice. I often make fun of it at school.

Their voices are often squeaky. - MinecraftHater

I’m 11, my older brother is 12, and I don’t have a squeaky voice, neither does my brother. - HelloWhyImHere2

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