They keep going to your room


I share a room with my older sister, but she's never home because she's 18 and does whatever. Anyways my little brother will just walk right into my room and start watching whatever I'm doing, it is SO creepy. Like when I watch YouTube he decides to barge in and start watching it with me, and when I yell at him to get out he says that he's standing on the other half of the room which is my sisters and I can't tell him to get out of the part of the room that isn't mine. Yes, I can. We don't "half" the room, and it doesn't matter what "side" of the room he's going to, he can't just barge in whenever he wants to! The door is closed because I want privacy, he has his own room he has no need to be in mine. Why?!?! Why can't he go irritate his "friends"?!?!

When you are at school and you got younger siblings going in your room and if you got a mother putting clothes on your bed your little siblings wil go bring toys in your room make a mess with your stuff and when you come home from school you go in your room and find a mess and when you tell your mom your room is a mess she will say its all your fault and make you clean your siblings mess up in your own room. This happens to me all the time and I wonder is my whole family ganging up on me?

Yes! My sister is always coming into my room when I am out... She steals my money and gets away with it. The worst part of all is when one of her friends come over. I might be downstairs for instance and she will go into my room with her friend and completely trash the whole place. Sometimes I just want to kill her... Even worse, my mum lets her get away with every single thing that she does just because she is younger.

I have to share a joint bathroom with my brother and so are rooms are practically connected by the bathroom in the middle. He walks into my room all the time without asking or knocking. Half the time I am just coming out the shower or getting dressed! He always goes through my stuff and I swear, its like he tries to purposely find something to get me in trouble. Like "Oh MOOOM, (name) left her sneakers on the dresser! Or MOOOM she has a water bottle in her room! MOOM she has markers and sharpies in her room lying on the carpet! (they were closed though)" Like really? I hate my brother coming into my room like that, I don't do that to him at all. When I ask him to please stop or tell my parents, he just finds a way around it, or does it more to annoy the living hell out of me. Like dude, respect a teenage girl needs her space. God.

YES! I just got my own room and my sister has her own room too, but EVERY SINGLE TIME she barges into my room and messes up my room. It's SO ANNOYING. I mean like she screams every time I go into her room without knocking, so why shouldn't she just knock and wait for an answer? every time I lock my room my parents scream at me -.- When I tell her to go away she tells my mom that I screamed at her, this annoys me so much...

I've walked upstairs to see her coming from the direction my room is. She gives me a weird look and walks away. When I get to my room things are missing or it's a mess. My room is never a mess so I never need to clean but when she has been there I have to clean. Sometimes I will find her iPod under my bed recording me. I will I can put a lock on my door sometimes.

My sister keeps going in my room without permission then keeps ignoring me when I ask her politely to get out. It always happens when she has food and drink with her. She keeps leaving the wrappers and bottles in my room and I'm like 'Thanks bish, really appreciate it! '. The main problem is not her leaving wrappers and bottles in my room though, or even her toys, but I like my privacy, just like she does. I'm not hiding anything, I don't have a boyfriend, I just like my privacy and being alone in the comfort of my quite room. - LemonComputer

I used to have Legos, I gave up on them because of my sister. I can't keep my foam sword near my door anymore. I have to keep everything glued down to the floor so that she doesn't touch it or mess with it. My parents keep on telling me to put stuff on shelves but then everything I own would have to be on shelves. She broke my ceramic horse that I painted in 5th grade and it was on a shelf! Apparently, it's illegal to read a book in my room for the entire day. She never bothers my brother. I want to be a solitary person too! - Merilille

My brother will just walk into my room with a big smile on his face and just starts looking around and when I tell him to get out he said "Why you always go in my room? " I tell him that girls need more privacy and he says that he doesn't care... I might hurt him one day it he doesn't stop.

I don't even ever go in my brothers room, and he'll just walk in and not even say anything... Right after I got out of the shower and I'm getting dressed

My little sister (8yo) Constantly barges into my room. Turns on all the lights. And stomps in. He sentence usually starts with "Watch me do this" Or some other attention seeking slur and if I don't give her full attention then I'm a jerk! Then she leaves my room with the door open and the lights all on and if I ask her to turn it off and close my door she just laughs and ignores me.

He will just keep at it, no matter what.I tell him to go away, first politely, then less and less and less.He just doesn't budge and says "I NEED to be here, so YOU go away" even though there are like a hundred more comfortable spots in our household where he could watch stuff on YouTube, especially where I can't hear him.I can explain this too: he watches outright stupid videos at maximum volume that annoy the eardrums out of me! If he does go away, he has a whole fit about it and makes or bribes my parents to make me move away, and they budge...a lot.The question is:"Are there ANY tips to prevent that from outright annoy you? "

I share my room with my little brother. He makes so much noise. He constantly messing with my stuff. I have other siblings but anytime he needs something he only comes to me, He will literally wait on me so that he can ask me for something when my my other sisters and brothers are there. Honestly it is just so frustrating.

We have a family cat that my siblings love. But since they chase it and pick it up so much (which the cat doesn't like), the cat is often found in my room. My siblings will try sneak in and carry her away, even when I'm in the room. Once, my sister tried to do it, when I was asleep. She woke me up and then through pillow at me!

My younger sisters started sharing a room and I just got my own room (about time, too) and they spend all of their time in my room, listening to all my private conversations. Sometimes they even tell my conversations to their friends so that their friends don't like me. Lord help me

So true I will tell her to get out of my room and she will just stand at my doorway bothering me. She says she is technically not in my room. I can't tell my parents because they won't listen and I can't slam my door because it will hurt her and I will get in trouble.

This is so true! My younger siblings would just barge into my room and act like they own the place and they tell ME to get out! I mean HELLO! This is MY room. NOT yours! And then they'll be all like this to my mother: "I just want to spend more time with her! " And then they make the sad puppy face and my mom takes pity on them and tells me to back off. And when they come into my room, they totally trash the place! Then they leave before my mom comes up to my room to check on us and sees the whole place looking like a dumpster! She gets so angry at me and sometimes, I wish why I was not born an only child. And... That all my younger siblings die Ina car crash and I will finally become an only child! O/O ;P

Why my younger brother goes into my room I will never know. For some reason, he goes into my bed and throws this one doll that I have. I tell my mom and dad but they don't do anything. It makes me so angry. - SlimVeggie

My sister actually got mad at me when I DIDN'T go into her room. She claimed that I didn't love her. But she always barged into my room, and she refused to get out! Even if I told her, "My room, my rules." She is extremely immature! - Flowersocks2137

It's so annoying when this happens! When you go somewhere and your sibling is at home they move their toys in your room and make it hard to find your stuff and steal money and look in your diary

My little sister is such a pest but I love her to death. I'll be at singing lesson and she will come in my room and take things. One time my moms friend got me fake nails which (I'm wearing right now) and you need super glue for them and I was gone with my nana somewhere and she came in my room and grabbed the super glue. By the way I put the super glue high out of reach. She climbed my bed to reach it.she could've superglued her fingers together. And for That I get in trouble. Lord tell me why lol

I'm trying to revise for some tests and every single time I try and get some peace, he sits outside my bedroom door and smacks it and starts singing and screaming, then I get into trouble for shouting at him ugh -_-

Oh My God, I was so annoyed with people barging into my room I made a knock rule. But did my sister follow the rule? Oh no, She barged into my room all the time without knocking

My younger sister walks into my room whenever she wants but If I even put a toe in her room she shouts at me and gives out to ne telling me to stay in my own room

My brother used to just barge into my room all the time so I put up a sign reminding him to knock. Now he knocks before barging into my room. It's SO ANNOYING! - SammySpore

My annoying sister, Daisy, always does this with my younger brother, Casey, who just started walking and she annoys nobody but me and my younger brother, Issac, who is 13. - IcetailofWishClan