They steal your stuff and claim it's theirs


My younger brother will take my stuff and when I find it in his room. I tell him that it is mine and that I'm taking it back, then he starts crying and says that he found it so it's his now. He'll start yelling and gripping at me saying he found it and I'm taking his things WHEN IT WAS MINE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I know right! Just a few minutes ago, my little brother was going to his baseball game and I was going to it. And he said "next time, don't make fun of me." I was like "what? " He said "yea. Erin mitchell said that you said I was a retard." I don't EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS! And of course he kept saying "he said that" I was like "he's lying" of course my mom doesn't believe me. She goes on and on about saying "he's your little brother you can't make fun of him." He is a retard but I didn't say that! He is a lair! I just want to stab him and all his freckles.

"Hey! " I said. "That's my iPad! " "I want to play it! " My younger sibling Jenny screamed. "It's mine," I told her calmly. "NO NO I WANT TO PLAY IT" she screamed and ran away. She started playing Minecraft. I almost killed her if she played it. Then I finally agreed. "You can play word search bingo," I said. That's a very very stupid game and she love it. Like, three minutes later she said "I'm not playing your iPad anymore. It's boring." Really? She's insane! She was begging me for the iPad and now she just stops?!

I have a younger sister, she's only two years younger than me. She likes to play with my shaving cream and spill it everywhere and play with my razor. One time she stole these lipstick stuff that I got for Christmas and she says its hers. I love her to death but she does this all the time. Anything that's mine and she knows I love it she steals it, hides it from me, says she doesn't know where it is, and then I never get it back. I've found things hiding in her room I've been missing for a long time.

I know how u feel. My 5 year old niece always steals my stuff and then she says that it belongs to her and then my parents actually believe her and I have to find a way to get it back because they actually let her keep it. like money for example. I had $10 one day and while I was taking a nap she stole it right out of my pocket and said it was hers and that she got it from her friends and my parents actually believe her. I just wanna throw her out the window

My younger brother is just a pain in the rear end! It's not just stealing that he does with my stuff, but he breaks it. He got away with breaking several Lego technic vehicles that I put DAYS of work in to, when my parents let him play with them "for just ten minutes, he promises not to break it, and then he will just forget about it". That is some serious lies: ten minutes later he broke it and he knew he broke it, but my parents AND my grandparents say that "he doesn't understand because he is so little..." yeah right. Fast forward a year, I turn ten and he harrasses me on opening the presents which are Lego technic stuff for people my age.!

When I was little once, I had this pink toy bunny, now that we have moved house, the bunny is still with us. Me and my little sister had this fight about the bunny, and she said it was hers, but she doesn't know that I had it when I was younger. Now she sleeps with it every night!

My sister is a huge theif, she stole several necklaces and some earnings, plus my pencils, and my mirror! And she never gets in trouble because my mom says,"that's what little sisters do! " Imagine if court was like that! "We are not going to arrest this man for molesting a child because that is what pedophiles do." It's annoying and stupid! - ToptenPizza

My brother took 3DS away which I bought with MY OWN MONEY and I asked him to give it back to me he said,"It's mine not yours" so I told my dad and he says, "You should've put it away somewhere I think to myself what you were the one who gave it to him in first place

If you hate being the oldest I do my 2 year old little brother I love him so much even if he hits me and annoys me being the oldest is good because you have power over your siblings (I may not be correct but I do) and they are inferior to you

My 5 year old sister loves to steal my stuff. This past weekend, she reached past the line. She took my Oreos and my 12 year old brother's books and claimed they were hers. - IcetailofWishClan

I had an iPod 4 when I was 8 and now (i'm 13) my 10 ye old lil bro wants it, he already has an iPod 6. Why does he need mine? Right now I have an iPad air (i'm using it now) and the iPod's become obsolete. But it is still mine, and he steals it!

I owned an R4 card for ds and my cousin was jealous and started claiming it was his and I had to slap him to get him to shut up. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

BOTH OF MY YOUNGER SIBLINGS DO THIS! They do this just to annoy you. When my brother gets a car, I think that I am going to take his car when he's 16, and claim it's his. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

So true! All my younger siblings take my stuff all the time and the worst one is my younger sister! The rudest person ever! Hey, oh god! They are doing it again! And right in front of my eyes! That is still so low!

My mom was in a bad mood one day and decided to clean my entire room out and wanted me to move into another room. She wouldn't even let me go in my room. She told my little brother to put everything in a basket and take it to the other room. Now almost every time I'm in his room, I find something and say that it's mine and he starts crying and yelling saying it's his now b/c he found it when I wasn't around. It made me so mad.. He is so stubborn.

So It was my turn to play the computer and my brother stole the computer. I was mad. And he plays the crappy Club Penguin game and annoys me on my game - MLPFan

My sister takes everything that's mine I'm always forced to give it to her when I can't grab HER stuff I have to give my stuff to her no matter what I always wanted it to stop I agree with this

My sister does the exact opposite.. She throws her stuff in my room and clam that it's mine. It's annoying because I don't have the room in my bedroom for her stuff. - LemonComputer

She thinks I take her things when I do not and takes mine. I am an artist and my bratty annoying sister takes all my art supplies.
How cruel is that

Are you kidding me! My little sister just takes my stuff and thinks it's hers but when I tell my mom she thinks I started it first and let's her keep it!

My brother every time my brother wants my littlest pet shop oh claims that it is his in the car

Ugh, my nearly 8 year old sister stole my copy of Warriors: Thunder and Shadow. Would have gotten my copy of Skyrim if I didn't lock my door. - IcetailofWishClan

My little brother took my collectable item saying it is his and then I walk in his room and on his shelf is HIS.

My dad always loads the laundry, takes it out and asks who's is who's, and EVERYTHING seems to belong to my brother. Can anyone relate?