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81 Yo mamma is so fat yo daddy don't fit in the bed

Racist boyyy


Want to here a racist joke?
What is a Mexicans favourite sport sport?
Cross country

82 London Bridge was falling down because yo fat mama walked on it.

Hilarious! This is a good yo mama joke! Me and my sister were laughing at this cause it was so funny! Whoever came up with this is funny!

This one left me laughing for five whole minutes! This should be number one

This is the only one that didn't start with yo mama but this is one of the one that actually made me cry. This one needs to be the top 10!

I have not heard this joke before. Funny

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83 Your Mums So Fat She Had to Get Baptised at Sea World

That's a good joke but I already saw it

Already heard it from this website

You should have said baptized in the ocean

very funny

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84 Yo momma is so fat that on Halloween she says trick or Twinkie.
85 Yo momma so fat that Google Earth added her as a new continent

Lo das vil be best yar ich bin


Laugh out loud so funny this so funy I craked up for so long at least 2-3 minutes

86 Yo mama is so fat, she took the meteor's place in FF7
87 Yo mama so fat, her stomach gets home 15 minutes before she does.

This is one of the better Yo momma jokes

Laugh out loud that bloody funny

I don't get it you also copied off of the belly button yo mama joke

This is the worst one yet

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88 Yo mama's so fat, I got lost after running around her.

It really funny it was funny I forgot to laugh plus did you know I almost fell down my seat but just to tell you please pretty please post more of these funny yo momma jokes

THIS IS SO FUNNY I GOT MY boyfriend to laugh and scream

I got one your mama's so fat that Miley Cyrus used her as a wrecking ball in the song "wrecking ball"

I love this one

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89 Yo momma so fat people keep pushing her in the water at the beach so she won't die

That joke is so bad, it doesn't even say how fat mama is

A beached whale fat. Good one. Haha

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90 Yo mama is so fat she can be my bear

I don't get it... Sorry

Really really dumb don't get it

Bo! This joke is corny

Really stupd

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91 Yo mammas so fat, there's a reason why it's called 'HEAVE'n

Heave! Ho! We need to get that fat mama up there!

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92 Yo mamma is so fat, when she walked in front of the television, I missed a whole football season.

This is really true so thumbs up

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93 Yo momma so fat when she farted she blew up the everything but her

Funny and when it said blew up the everything that's what starfire says

Mr. President here, NOT FUNNY!

The cheapes one ever

You watch teen titans go too?
That show is great!

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94 Your mama is so fat she makes more milk per day then a cow V 2 Comments
95 Yo moma is so fat, she needs to buy 3 tickets before she can go on an airplane V 2 Comments
96 Yo mama so fat when she got hit by a bus she said "who threw a Twinkie at me?!"

Have you heard this on?
Yo mamma is so fat she has 2 waches for every time zone she is in

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97 Your mama so fat when she fell off her bed she made the earthquake

That is funny
I laughed so much

98 Yo mamma is so fat when she jumped in the air she got stuck.

This one was very good

You guys are dumb my grandpa tells better jokes and he's dead

Dang that's so funny! Seriously wowie wow wow I don't know when I can stop laughing ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he stop it I can't breathe! Oh no worries I'll stop laughing in let's say a couple years

Actually this is physically impossible because of gravity so please delete this

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99 Yo mamma is so fat she irons her pants on the street

Laugh out loud so funny I told all my class mates and they laughed No offense put this so be top 25

This reeally funny laugh out loud

Really funny let me tell you one yo mamma is so fat at the movies she sits
On everyone.


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100 Yo mama is so fat I already got a nightmare

This is the worst joke eve!

No no, its yo mama is so fat she gave Freddy Kruger nightmare s

Peeps need to make sense these days

What the heck is this my god godzzia is fart this joke up my god

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1. Yo momma is so fat that when she steps on a scale, it says to be continued.
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1. Yo mamma so fat I took a picture of her last Christmas, and it's still printing.
2. Yo mama so fat you have to grease the door frame and hold a twinkie on the other side just to get her through.
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