Top Ten Funniest and Most Embarrassing Typos Ever Made

All of these are genuine mistakes that have embarrassingly slipped under the publisher's noses. How bad.
Warning: Most of these are rude. Very rude.

The Top Ten

1 Sign: "Shoplifters shall be prostituted"

Haha! Made to pay off their debt. Who says crime doesn't pay?
Love this list, PositronWildhawk!

Although I find this kind of shady, I have a small part of me that finds this amusing.

2 On shopping receipt: "Penis Butter Snickers: $0.99"

Although I have mellowed down since, this reminds me of a kind of crude joke I made in middle school about a certain song featuring a dancing banana. I want to laugh, but I want to faceplant at the same time.

To the other person, you should be saying wee wee instead of woo wee

A different type of yummy, perhaps?

Excuse me, I’d like some Penis Butter Sneakers please.

3 In the first Bible printed in English: "Thou shalt commit adultery" (leaving out "not")

Who noticed it first? Men! Definitely men. But only the honest ones who swear by the bible. Their excuse? "I was just being a good Christian, babe! "

Oops... Who wrote that Bible? Do you know how many people would be sinning without knowing they were?

I'm a Christian, and I found this hilarious.

Wonder who noticed it first?

4 In News Report: "Firefighters to deal with not just the fire with people in the middle of the road ejaculating"

I should really get this out of my head. But I can't! Laugh out loud!

Whatever happened to good old fashioned hoses and water?

Lol even just imagining it makes me laugh my head off!

A week after looking at this and I am still laughing

5 The University of Texas commencement listing for graduates of the "Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Pubic Affairs"

Where can I sign up?

6 In Newspaper: "PM in bed with co-ed" (cold)

Wonder when the co-ed noticed. I can only imagine his/her response.

7 Children's Sports Day Report: "Congratulations to our homerun Hitler!"

That's so terrible it's actually funny..

8 In children's soft play area: "15:00-18:00 for pubic access"

Parents would definitely bring their kids to that! (no, they would drop dead)

9 Road Sign: "Stop! Heavy erection is going on!"

I would slam on those brakes so hard...1 million Instagram followers, here I come

Nearly choked on my tea reading this. This is so funny! :D It's definitely one way to stop traffic! Haha!
Just one question: why is this at #10?!

That would make you stop. Dead in your tracks.

I hate when I put these up and no one reads them, its really awkword.

10 On child's drawing: "Greetings, I am Buzz Lightyear. I c** in pies."

This makes me wonder what Buzz lightyear does in his spare time

I couldn't stop laughing.

That’ll make it more fun to pie people haha.

Oh... now that’s a way to ruin my childhood.

The Newcomers

? How to fix a c(l)ock

The Contenders

11 Sports report: "Bismarck scored three unanswered girls in the third period"

In their third period... Ok then

12 In child's version of Snow White: "Snow White was the fartiest of them all"

She farted at the table, she farted at night, she farted in the morning, she farted afternoon, and most of all, all the time. She even farted in the kitchen while making dinner...

Where did they get that? Lol
How did the word "fairest" become "fartiest"?

I died laughing

13 In book: "I bet this building goes from the twelfth to the fourteen floor."

I read this book. Believe it or not, I found the typo.

What's the typo?

14 In Chemistry Textbook: "To form a polyphenyl molecule, the monomer must count the penile functional group"

My friend had this textbook for school. So hilarious!

15 U.S. Version of Total Drama Island: "How does it feel to so much?"

I love total drama island action world tour revenge of the island all stars pakiteiw island and ridonculous race

16 At awards show: "And the award for best album goes to Kayne West!"

Oh the irony...

18 Seen on a message: "you are fartastic"
19 News Report: "Large Hardon Collider Breaks Energy Record"

Not hadron. Hardon.
Imagine if this mistake was made all the time. All hardons succumb to the strong nuclear force.

20 Necklace charm: "whit love"
21 On website: "Good wuck!"
22 Tweet: "I love the smell of incest"
23 Medallion seen on Consumer Reports: "I love you today, tomorow, and forever."
24 McDonald's sign: "Try the new anus pounder"
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