Top Ten Best School Pranks

This list will help you become one of the biggest pranksters at your school
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1 Glue a quarter to the floor

Glue a quarter to the floor and stand nearby to see people stop and struggle to pick up the quarter

Yeah do it somewhere away from you but also where you can get a good view and watch the reaction.

Really funny, no-one could pick it up, not even the cleaners! (I used superglue extra strength)

This would be hilarious! You could also do this at home to a younger sibling or cousin...

2 Set up a "toilet bounce"

Put clear rap under the toilet seat and you have made your self a toilet back fire. When ever done one goes it will come right back at them.

That's just being a dick


3 Make a "butt sticker"

Stickers that say spank me, kick me, etc. don’t really seem nice because imagine you were the one with that stickers and kept getting kicked.

Get a piece of paper and glue it on one side. Write things like "Wiggle WiggleWiggle" or " can't touch dis" on the other side. Find a chair and make sure the paper is the same color as the chair. Put it face down with the glue sticking up. If you're lucky and the person doesn't notice it, it will stick to their butt and for the rest of the day they will have it stuck there. If you want to get revenge on someone that was mean to you or is a jerk, use super glue. Other wise use regular glue.

Laugh out loud, whoever thought of this idea. I never thought of the glue on butt, but I did see and do the "kick me" sticky note or paper with tape to put on people's back when you pat it and pretend to say good job

4 Glue a triangle on the boy on the boys bathroom door

I have experienced a boy walking into the girls washroom before. The Grade 1 boy (IKR) did no.2 and didn't flush the potty. I was so freaked out that I ran out. That was way back in elementary though. I can't believe I still remember it. laugh out loud... by the way no, I did not peek at the boy do his business, I could hear the waste dropping into the toilet water... YUCK!

Glue a triangle on the boy on the boys bath room door to make it look like a girl. Make sure it is the same color and doesn't say Boys bellow

5 Put glue in hand sanitizer

Put glue in the class hand sanitizer and put the victim in a Sticky problem

Try superglue... Just hope they don't try to force their hands apart

I actually never thought about or experience this one before. I might try it... he he he...

6 Steal the toilet paper

Take all the toilet paper out of the stalls and put it In the trash. Make sure to keep a roll in your back pack or bring one from home.

7 Sneak a skunk into school

My uncle and his friends did this once

Your mom weird

8 Put a sticky note on someone saying spank me or kiss me etc.

I will do this to Spike Freeman!

What about a kick me sign?

This look grate

I remember this

9 Put glue on a seat

I've YES KIM been glued to a seat a few times in school before.I have girlfriends jealous of me because I have red hair, green eyes and my butt sticks out perfect in my jeans so they think they are funny by pure a lot of glue on my seat when I'm wearing my tight jeggings jeans and a pair of wooden high heels and I look good in class.They got me good I was stuck for twenty five minutes after class.My jeggings would just stretch and stay stuck to the seat.

I put glue in this boys seat and he sat in it lol I got an office refferal

10 Throw wet toilet paper all around a bathroom

someone in my school did this

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11 Put tape on the bottom of a computer mouse
12 Grease the floors

Once when I was in high school while I was changing in the locker rooms after gym class a janitor greased the entire gym floor. I didn't know about it and I ended up finding out the hard way. I kept falling every time I stood up, and I ended up scooting on my butt to exit the gym.

Just watch everyone slipping and sliding all over the floor. Hilarious.

13 Make a fart noise

A stinky object could make it better

Lol I used to do this all the time.

Wow so epic

14 Cover someones locker in sticky tape
15 Put ketchup packets on the toilet rim
16 Put fake poop in the hallway

I did this once and the school shut down the hall for the rest of the day.

17 Give someone a toothpaste Oreo

Take some oreo and remove their cream,instead add toothpaste!

18 Put a whoopee cushion in the teacher's seat

Teacher sits down and then the fart will make the other classmates will think the teacher farted

19 Put gel in the toilet

Use the chemicals in diapers and then put it in a school toilet. Make sure to stir it around a bit.

20 Put tissue in a shoe

Add tissue into the end of someone’s shoes and then the shoes won’t fit them anymore and it’s like there feet have had a magical growth spurt

21 Glue the toilet seat to the toilet
22 Glue your teacher's things to their desk

Watch your teacher struggle to get her things but watch out for being caught.

23 Lock the doors

Take the teachers key and lock some who is a jerk or mean to you out of the classroom/schools and watch them yell in rage trying to get back in

24 Put a spider on someone
25 Glue book pages shut

Yay! Now I can go on TheTopTens instead of read!

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