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21 Lamborghini Countach
22 Ferrari GTB550
23 Fiat Punto EVO V 1 Comment
24 Pagani Huayra

Come on people! The Huayra is Italy's best car!

Awesome on gran turismo

The huayra should be number 1

It is beautiful and fast

25 Fornasari Tender
26 Lamborghini Reventon
27 Lamborghini Egoista

First look this sick car up now and tell me this car isn't the most sickest and most coolest Italian exotic car

This car is basically the future of cars

28 Ferrari 348ts
29 Lamborghini Espada
30 Lamborghini Aventador

What the hell! why it's down here... it's the best car ever... - satrap

V 2 Comments
31 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
32 Alfa Romeo MiTo
33 Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione

Best rally and road car ever

34 Fiat 500L

I bought one on 7/8/12 it is loaded with everything Fiat had to offer rides very smooth, no problem with engine power going up steep streets, quit ride, it is my 22nd car I have owned all American cars, this Fiat is the best. Note the used Fiats in America are the pop and sport models so people can not see how beautiful Fiat is.

35 Alfa Romeo 4c
36 Ferrari F40

Maybe the ultimate 80's car?

37 Lancia Thema
38 Ferrari LaFerrari

This is the ultimate Ferrari and it has hybrid tecnology to make it ever faster (and brake faster)

39 Fiat Croma I
40 Fiat Multipla
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