Top Ten Types of Siblings

This list is based on my opinion of my family. I have a LOT of cousins on both sides of my family, plus 3 sisters and a brother. These are my opinions ALONE!

The Top Ten

1 The Youngest

This kid thinks they're all that and a bag of chips! They get away with whatever they want, they can do whatever they want, and all they have to do, is scream. "Don't be a dingus! " - Icegirl119

I'm the oldest in my family. The youngest is my six year old sister... So ANNOYING! Never lets me have my alone time! Love her anyway. - RockFashionista

Always gets away for everything

The youngest is the one of the most annoying sibling, I mean, they are treated like a Princess and always gets what they wanted... and they got all of them erlie than how I did... - GirlyAnimeLover

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2 The Convict

This sibling is the toughest, the smartest, and is me. I am not a sweet little girl! This sibling gets in a lot of trouble, always walkin on thin ice, and has quite possibly, been to jail at some point. and that's not being biased! That's the truth. - Icegirl119

The kind of older sibling that can outsmart, overpower, and mess with any other brother. He/she can defeat any brother older or younger, and gets in trouble a lot. This is normally a middle child, hardened from neglect.

I have a sister like this but she is So nice and u can't kill her 4 it.

I feel like this is me and my friend. I'm super smart but I'm lazy,and get in trouble for not paying attention. I can't overpower my older sister,since she's a tall assed prick (or sociopath),but I'm pitied a bit more since she's the older and the "example for younger siblings". My friend is average intelligence,but damn she's short like me but can kick anyone to the floor no matter their size,she's weird,knows karate,and loves messed up things like war and murder. Lots of people are scared of her,except her friend Mark. He's smarter than her,and is messed up with war & death too,pretty depressing and doesn't really lighten any mood whatsoever.

3 The Bestie

This sibling is so close to you, you are better friends with them then you are your Facebook account. That is how close you are. - Icegirl119

I'm lucky that my sister is nice to me. Everyone else at school says that their siblings are annoying - lovefrombadlands

You can talk to them about everything

If you're having a bad day don't always cheer you up

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4 The Sidekick

This sibling is the very BEST! They will do whatever you ask them to, they listen to you, and when you're in a jam, they can help! That's why my cousin Ramon is my sidekick! He's awesome, he does stuff for me, he's funny, he's my bestie, and he makes me cookies - Icegirl119

5 The Third Parent

This sibling is the one who is such a kiss up, they will literally act like your mom. Like seriously!? If I wanted a second mother, I would ask IISuperwomanII to adopt me! - Icegirl119

Pretty much my brother in a nutshell

The definition of my big brother. - Pegasister12

I am the oldest in my family. I don't think younger siblings would understand why the elder did this because they didn't knew how it feels.

My younger brother is so stubborn, stupid, moronic, 500% brat and is given way too much attention. I yells at him when he didn't obey what I said to him and this leads to me being given a lecture. And younger siblings thought deserve it! Who's dumber? Of course my younger siblings. Also, when I pull his ear, he cried, an yeah, the same thing happened... what - GirlyAnimeLover

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6 The "Whatever" Sibling

Okay, so in my family, this is my cousin Sadie. She works at a smoothie place and they get free smoothies everyday. Her brother and I usually like to pretend we work there, grab a smoothie, and get out of there. and Sadie knows this, but she says nothing. and if we say something stupid, she'll be all "whatever." Love ya Sadie! - Icegirl119

That's me. I don't bother doing things or being on time or being "good mannered". I can act all I want, its easy, but if I don't feel like it I won't do it. Especially with haters, like "okay that's nice. Like caring about that will help me in the long run.

For a long time, my oldest sister completely ignored me for years. We're on good terms now, and I love her lots, but it was pretty emotionally scarring when we would go for literally months without saying a word to each other. - keycha1n

7 The Twin

Okay, so my sister, is literally my twin. this kid is exactly like you in everyway. and their hella ANNOYING for it! - Icegirl119

8 The Good Example

Okay, so guess what this sibling is good at? EVERYTHING! Straight up, this sibling does everything they're told, they have perfect marks, and your parents want you to follow their example. - Icegirl119

I'm usually this kind of sibling but I'm not annoying. I'm more of a tomboy, and I love going outside. But yes, I do get straight a's and I do good

I'm sometimes the good example myself.. - TheRedstoneWiz

9 The Adopted

Kind of insulting. Being adopted is good.


10 The Adult

This is the sibling who you fight with all the time, who tortures you, and the one you cannot live without. You think you want to KILL them, until the day they become an adult and leave you. WHY JENNY! - Icegirl119

The Contenders

11 The Bully

My older brother is the bully. They are mean every chance they get for no reason they just hated you from the second you were born. Thank god for parents and older older siblings

12 The Brother

Wont stop annoying you saying dumb stuff or # 21

13 The Plastic

This person just complains and think they live in a mansion. My sister Janess ALWAYS try to say
"I'm not.. Like.. Going in to that public pool! " Jesus Christ... Burn in hell Divine!

14 The "Perfect" Sibling

This sibling will always tell on you even if it's not a big deal! This one might be the young sibling because they think they're "perfect." They will always tell on you, even when it's their fault! You would probably wish that you can actually do something about it.

15 The Liar

I have an awful relationship with my siblings. But my second oldest sis pretends. She pretends to be perfect, pretends to be nice, pretends to be good. But the minute she gets home, its like she's another person. Unless someone accidentally hears a phone call from her, they never believe me. But when they do, they can't believe how disrespectful she is to everyone in my house. - keycha1n

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16 The Cocky

My sister thinks she's better at everybody at everything...She thinks she is the best sister and the one who has all the friends...she is the bully and the what she calls "the popular girl"...she know she wishes she was me

17 The Bad Example

Complete opposite of the good example. 'enough said - Icegirl119

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18 The Snitch

This sibling will outright BLACKMAIL you into doing things for them and getting things for them when they catch you doing something you weren't allowed/supposed to be doing.

19 The "baby"?

This sibling basically can make friends when ever,this is the types of sibling who gives like a million high fives to waiters in resturants and the guy at the hotdog stand.But this sibling gets really moany and whines when he or she doesn't get their way and they are SO annoying in car journeys.My idiot twin brother is a PERFECT example the "baby" sibling.

20 The Sibling that Commits Sibling Abuse

This sibling is a mean bully towards the other sibling. Sometime this sibling will lie to get the other sibling in trouble for her behavior so the parents don't find out they are abusing the other child.

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