Unlikely Excuses Men Might Give to Get Out of Housework

The Top Ten Unlikely Excuses Men Might Give to Get Out of Housework

1 Can't love, I'm having a scratch

I can believe this. My father stands, yawning and scratching his backside while he divides the chores between my mother and me. - Britgirl

2 Can't darlin'. I'm ...er...I'm, er...yeah...

Classic signs of "I can't even be bothered to think of an excuse! " - Britgirl

3 Can't possibly today, my sweet - I'm watching porn.

I'm sure that any relationship that a girl will have with this man will be short-lived. - PositronWildhawk

That's what they'd LIKE to say... - Britgirl

4 Sorry, babe, can't you see I'm dead?

Then its true ghosts are real!

They'd expect you to believe them too! - Britgirl

5 So sorry, sweetheart. I'm taking your mother out.

Haha I bet this list was based on your dad! - keyson

6 I would if I could, babe, but I've got a doc's appointment. Men's things - you know how it is....
7 I ain't well, darling. Get the dog to do it.

This is the funniest one on here! Great list! - funnyuser

8 You know I'd do the ironing but I'm left-handed...sorry.

"OK, oh husband of mine. I keep forgetting our iron is strictly for right-handed men. I'm such a silly wife..." - Britgirl

9 Yeah...later...I'm making a TopTens List.

Good excuse - RoseWeasley

10 Oh, soz...can't. Me piles are playing up. Gotta rush...

I can only picture the several things that this could mean. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 What did your last servant die of?
12 The kitchen's your duty, girl!

Here's a definition of words for a husband like that: Sexist, lazy, rude, discusting, unfair, kind of abusive (depends), mean, and let's just say... Too many to count (that's all I could think of).

13 I need to rethink my life first.
14 I didn't get what you said, as I've never understood women.

At least a woman can understand her lazy husband a lot better than a man that understands his hard working wife that does EVERYTHING! While an immature man does nothing but acts like he's the FKN extra child!

15 I'm still thinking up this new excuse.
16 I can't focus. I have head leeches.
17 12 Years a Slave... Since I met you
18 I'm allergic to linen, sorry.
19 Alas, I may be dead tomorrow.
20 Right now? But... The match!
21 You want me to WHAT? THAT's woman's work!
22 I got an important call sorry
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