Top Ten Ways to Annoy Short People

This list was my collaboration with CityGuru, who deserves as much credit as I do.

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1 Get down on your knees and look at them eye-to-eye

I had a classmate in first grade who really disliked me and called me names. I should do this when I see him, because I'm two feet taller than him, at the very least. - DogsUnleashed

I did this to someone I knew who was 5'0". And I'm 6'4". He wasn't, how shall I put it, happy. - PositronWildhawk

I'm 5'0 laugh out loud It wouldn't bother me I would laugh you you should have told him it is not his fault your short.

I would punch someone... if I could reach... - gemcloben

But you're directly eye-to-eye with their crotches. You can hit their weak points pretty easily. - PositronWildhawk


2 Buy them things (chairs, tables, etc.) which are designed for kids

I couldn't help having a little giggle. No offense shorter people. - funnyuser

I am very proud. My first collaboration with PositronWildhawk. - CityGuru

My dad still gets me kids clothes and they fit! Thanks for reminding me dad - happyhappyjoyjoy

That would annoy me even if I was tall - B0S5J4M3S

3 Say "How's the weather at that altitude?"

I think this would be funnier to say to a tall person. - PianoQueen

I would punch you in the face if you said that (if I could reach) - PizzaGuy

No say this "How's the weather down there? "

I agree with pianoqueen

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4 Say "Can you reach that for me?"

My 6 year old neighbor asked me to hang up something about 8 Ft up, and he's like 3ft and I'm 5'1 or 5'0😐 - kaitlynrad11

5 Dangle something above them if they ask you for something

I remember when I was 4 years old and someone who was something like 5 years older did it to me. He may still be taller than me today, but it's unlikely, and I would certainly love to do the same thing again. - PositronWildhawk

A boy did that to me and it was funny I was like laugh out loud now that is what I call funny.

Some white kid tried being racist and dangled a chicken nugget over me during kindergarten. - AlphaQ

6 Offer them piggyback rides

This is not annoying - B0S5J4M3S

That'll be fun. The good thing about weighing 83 lb is that no one struggle when they give me a piggyback ride. - AlphaQ

7 Say "Come here," and when they are halfway there, say "Are you tired yet?"

I'm quite short, and I am quite fast. Well, I used to be (I still am. Just not as fast as I used to be.) My endurance was much better than it is now. I need exercise. - LordDovahkiin

Well I am pretty fast and energetic so I won't feel tired. - AlphaQ

Ha ha ha! Too funny! LOL! Man, City guru's underrated! - Animefan12

This is the best one here. Haha! And didn't knew that collaborations are done at TheTopTens. This is the first time I'm seeing one. I wish I could try one too!
Great list Positron and CG! - Kiteretsunu

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8 If they go to sit down ask if they need a booster seat

This is disgusting

9 Crane your neck down at them like a flamingo
10 Put your arm on them like an armrest

Everyone is taller then me and I hate it when people do this. - letdot52

I Do this all the time, sometimes I rest on their head too

Everybody does this to me... - kaitlynrad11

My dad does that to me - B0S5J4M3S

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11 When you are talking to them, glance around as if you cannot see them, like they are too small to be seen

And that's the point in time when shorty decides to kick you in the shins. - PositronWildhawk

Poisitron, I would kick them in the balls - LordDovahkiin

12 Call them short


13 Call them an "Over-sized mouse"

How bout a rat?

This one is hilarious! Must be higher in this list. - Animefan12

This is annoying. People can't get it through their heads that we are over-sized HUMANOID mice, not basic over-sized mice. Gawd. (Note obvious sarcasm)

I'm short but this is one cool lost. - AlphaQ

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14 Pick them up and say, "Now can you touch the top of that dime?"

Some tall guy he can lift twice his own weight he weighs 265 pounds did this to my dad I laugh so hard he told my dad sorry to embarrass you in front of your kid little buddy I told my mom she couldn't stop laughing I felt bad for my dad kinda or should I call him little buddy I told my friends they were like your dad is weak but I know my dad isn't weak though but it is to funny when I seen the guy lifting my dad like a weight and calling him little buddy laugh out loud thumbs up if a random guy has ever picked up your dad.

This tall boy picked me up and said can you see little buddy and he tickled me I laughed so hard laugh out loud I love when tall people joke with me their just fun but yeah he gives me piggy back rides all the time which is fun.

I'm the one that posted those other to comments on this item and I was just joking those things didn't really happen. Me and my dad are tall enough to do that to both of those little guys but we are nice so we wouldn't do that.

If anyone picks me up imma bite a bitch

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15 Put an elf hat on them

Call them santa's little helper

16 Ask them to get something on a high shelf

This really annoys me. Like, do you really expect me to reveal my secret identity as a tiny ninja just to get you something? No!

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17 Call them Fun Sized
18 Call them each of the 7 dwarfs

I'm Trippy. I'm the dwarf who's always high. Lol. - AlphaQ

19 Say "I can't hear you from all the way down there midget"
20 Say Where did you Go? When they're standing right in front of you
21 Stand next to them

When tall or even average sized people stand next to a short person, it makes the short person feel even shorter.

Huh? I don't get it. Can someone please explain this? - Animefan12

tis great

22 Pat them on the head
23 Tell them they eat sponges like dale davies
24 Call them a short stack
25 Call Them Lucas
26 Ask them to wear a nappy
27 Measure them
28 Buy them mushrooms

€You’ll be like Mario! ”

29 Tell everyone around them to call them "Shorty"

This is my friend's permanent nickname

30 Give them a fun-sized [insert candy here] and say this suits you perfectly
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1. Get down on your knees and look at them eye-to-eye
2. Buy them things (chairs, tables, etc.) which are designed for kids
3. Say "Can you reach that for me?"


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