Top Ten Best Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry wraps currently in circulation, no retired wraps, please!

The Top Ten

1 Tapestry

A beautiful design, that looks good on big or small nails.

2 Passport

Passport is pretty much the best travel nail wrap out there, I hope this one never retires!

3 Nautical

Not only is it stinking adorable, but tons of different wraps are great for accent nails with this design. Not to mention everyone loves anchors right now

4 Upper East Side

Who doesn't love a great plaid? Especially this burberry type. Love it.

5 Bon Voyage

Another fabulous wrap for when you travel, or just when you feel like being adorable.

6 Clowning Around

This is a great mixed mani that is super fun, colorful, and adorable.

7 Mermaid Tales

Sexy and pretty at the same time

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8 Shake Your Tail Feather

Great peacock design, and everyone loves peacock feathers.

9 Atlantis

I LOVE the shimmery ombre, and this wrap looks fabulous on.

10 Once Upon a Time

Super cute colors, a lot of accent nail options, and this wrap looks so good on!

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