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Shopping online for pet supplies can get tough (specially in terms of price). It's hard to find a single store that offers you the best price on all the pet supplies. So occasionally we have to manually check for prices around the Internet to confirm that we are not paying more than what is necessary. The only care we should take is that we should first ensure that what we are getting for cheap is not a duplicate or counterfeited product.

Listed here are 5 best online pet care product suppliers who offer genuine pet care products at affordable price & you can trust them for your routine pet supplies.
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I had recently tried Homeopathy on my pet with positive effects. My 2-year-old dog used to get nervous whenever we go out with him in a car. In the past, I had tried other stuff to calm his behavior but none worked. Then, my friend proposed this site’s name to go through their homeopathic pet supplies to calm my pet’s behavior. With few doubts in mind, I placed an order for this HomeoPet Travel Anxiety. The stuff reached to me on time. I used the stuff as per the directions on the pack. And to my surprise, the product did worked. My pet is a lot calmer now when we take him to the vet or any other place. Homeopathy too has impressed me. For the site- I only have praises. Keep up the good work guys!

Although it looks like a store for Canadians only, Canada Vet Express also offers shipping to US residence and probably due to Canadian products they are offering it for quite low price. Also it seems a legit and customer friendly store.

They are nice people who love your animals. Basically all the brands are the same as the ones you would find at a local vet or pet store. The medication packages MAY look a bit different, but they are almost completely hard to distinguish.

I used this company to order flea treatment for my dog. Not only did they NOT provide me with a tracking number, someone at their company stole my credit card. I will never use this business again.

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To the surprise, BudgetPetCare offers the cheapest pet supplies & among thousands of reviews you can find about BudgetPetCare, only few ones are negative that's mostly due to delivery delays. A good reason to include BudgetPetCare in this list is that they are offering Frontline Plus at cheapest price in market. All their products are available for free shipping.

I placed an order with "" but did not receive any confirmation of my order.
When I tried to look at my on site history their site would not accept my password, and said my email was not in their database.
However later I was charged twice, both for the order and for an international fee. I did not receive any order and was unable to contact them.
I can not recommend this site.

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3 Amazon, commonly known as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company that was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington.

As always amazon is great at price, delivery and authenticity of products. Due to its strict standards in choosing vendors, it has got more customers than any other non-niche store. Just make sure you purchase from Amazon verified seller. Although not all prices are lowest at Amazon, most of them are fairly low and not bad if you get it with free shipping.

Great quality at an affordable price!

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From feeders to homes to waterers, you can get almost everything for your pet at Overstock. Overstock is especially good for pet supplements as you can find a big variety and reasonable price with lots of customer reviews.


This site has somehow managed to win my trust and heart because of regularly delivering me affordable pet items. My journey with the site started in 2016 and is still continuing with my recent order of Frontline Plus for my doggy. I have now opted for site’s auto order option. It ensures me time-to-time pet supplies to my door. As a pet parent of 4 dogs it matters a lot when you receive flea control products at such cheap prices.

Canada pet care looks quite similar to CanadaVetExpress and has also similar terms and conditions. A glimpse through its online reviews suggests that CanadaPetCare is quite customer-friendly and reliable store to buy your pet supplies online.

We have 4 cats and 3 dogs on their Bravecto & Revolution. Save a lot even compared tot my low cost mobile pet vet meds. And when their meds are on sale, a huge savings! This is only way we can afford all 7 pets!

I order from this company all the time and have for years! I have 4 dogs and 2 cats on meds from this company. Very reliable!


PetCareSupplies is also one of the well-known pet supply store. They have a good range of products and offer free shipping on all orders, Irrespective of the size and value of the order and have 30 days money back guarantee too.


Quite an old and renowned pet supply brand Petco is still charming. Petco offers almost all the pet medicines for dogs and cats at pocket-friendly price. Many online reviews about Petco seems negative as their customer support seems poor although it is worth a try for the price.


Wag is a venture of widely successful e-commerce network that involves, etc. Apart from dogs and cats, they also offer birds products, small pet products etc. Their products are available at competitive rates and you can also find their coupons on many sites to cut some more from your budget.


PetFoddDirect offers foods and supplements for dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, fishes & birds. Although you won't find all the pet care products at PetFoodDirect, for sure you will find most of food products at PetFoodDirect. The only minus point is you won't get free delivery option for less than $65.


Best company I ever worked with.

Amazing online store.

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Best online pet supply!


VetSupply is Valuable online pet store in Australia. VetSupply offers almost all the Pet Food, Flea & Tick Supplies, Heartwormers, Pet Supplies & Accessories. Their Products are available at a very low rate at the same quality products which I have found on other websites and you can also find coupons to get discount with Free shipping. My experience with VetSupply is truly awesome!

13 1-800-PetMeds

High value, low price, personal service. The tagline says it all. Although you have to manually verify it for reviews. As of now, it is having very good reviews allover the Internet and you can trust Dollarday to buy your pet supplies as well. Dollarday offers pet products at wholesale price although you won't find pet medicines on their list.

15 Marshalls Pet Zone

Leading experts on pet care and online pet supplies store at We providing the best pet supplies including cat supplies, dog supplies, and pet health products at the most affordable prices.

BudgetVetCare is giving your dog or cat the best pet care which can help maintain your pet's health for years to come. Nutritional treats to help keep pets healthy. Our Quality health care products and pet supplies to help you take good care of your pet.


I have been placing orders from this company since last 3years and I got valuable product for furry pal. it cost me very less! I love their prices and free shipping policy. thank you canadavetcare for helping my dog from fleas and ticks.


Pets accessories and care products. Economical, high quality and unique products. Let your pet enjoy the moments in best of its health.

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