Worst Fashion Trends of 2014


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1 Leggings as pants

Yup! Everything is ok until you bend down.


Umm kinda cool... NOT

2 Platform sneakers

I enjoy platform sneakers, as long as they're not worn with sagging pants - redhawk766

3 Shirts with cutout sides
4 Sagging pants

I hate the sagging pants! Nobody wants to see your underwear. If you do this, take a good hard look in the mirror at how ridiculous and butt ugly that looks, just pull up your pants so nobody sees your underwear and ass crack.

This looks so bad. by the way, why are leggings on the list? There's nothing wrong with them

5 Wearing headphones that aren't plugged in

Ok, this is true - redhawk766

I hate you people...

I like wearing headphones cause at least I get some protection from the sound.

Oh no no no u do not do that

6 Super short shorts

I totes hate people who r underwear flashers.

7 Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are awesome I'm 10 and I ware them almost every day

Comfortable for me!

Get away! Skinny jeans are my life! - redhawk766

Only idiots who either prefer style over comfort,are just sheep, or just for the sake of so-called popularity use them frequently.

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8 Fake glasses

This trend was so funny in the fifth grade

Nice glasses you stole from the movie theater!
-no one ever


Fake glasses are so awesome also really good fashion trend

9 Band shirts that you don't know
10 Fake gauges

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11 Onesies

I feel like wearing a panda onesies to the mall and talk all gangster

I'm sorry, but I love my Chi onesies - redhawk766

Well they are warm

They are amazing and comfortable sorry if y'all are jelly at the fact that people want to feel whimsical and childlike in their pajamas let us be jeez.

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